Grey Cup Premium Experience

Was just curious if anyone has done the Grey Cup premium experience and what they thought?

i had no idea what that was so i had to search for it

The CFL Premium Experiences Program offers unprecedented access to the 110th Grey Cup.

You will be in the heart of the action throughout Grey Cup weekend with front of the line access to festival events, meet and greets with CFL legends and a private locker room tour culminating with an unforgettable game day experience.

Grey Cup Sunday will begin with the Commissioner’s private tailgate, exclusive on-field experiences, premium seats to the game and access to the Commissioner’s indoor lounge.

  • The CFL Premium Experiences Package starts at $3,999/per person.
  • Packages do NOT include airfare or hotel.

For more information click here or contact

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Four grand and no airfare or hotel? What goes on in the Commissioner’s Indoor Lounge?

For that they should let you heave one downfield like Dakota Prukop.

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Some people have too much money. If the CFL can convince someone to shell out that kind of cash then good on them. However, the way Randy talks in circles, you’re not going to get a straight answer out of him. Hopefully the food is served on gold plates with similar utensils that you get to have as keepsakes with your favourite team logo engraved on it somewhere.

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that’s literally $1000 per quarter of football lol

People spend that kind of money or more for VIP treatment for other sports and concerts. I guess if you have that kind of money are a big fan then you might do it. $4,000 to some would be like spending $50 to us maybe even less.

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What goes on in the Commissioner’s Indoor Lounge, stays in the Commissioner’s Indoor Lounge.

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like regular super bowl tickets. i can’t imagine what any VIP super bowl treatment would cost.

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Even in bars people (often rappers) order $5,000 bottles of liquor for their entourage and easily rack up a $100,000 plus tab for one night. Not a world I am familiar with.


I know right. Really shocked that it didn’t include 2 nights at hotel…

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Let’s hope so