Grey Cup Predictions

Look like a pretty low key celebration in TO today...

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Watch it with close caption on and at the end the reporter says at the 1:43 mark according to CC that if you have Great Cup fever the next Great Cup is in 2023 in Hambleton . :eyes:

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I saw that. They also referred to the "Grade Cup" and my favourite:

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Yup that concludes the Argos moment in the Toronto spotlight. Back to irrelevance now. 8,000 fans at games.


Looks like a nice gathering of family and friends...

18 Grey Cup championships. One for each fan.

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Lol! Its really too bad the Argos fan base scks so much. Its hard to hate this team ....much better than listening to the "tongue in cheek"Bummer fans.
Most of us are just jealous, I certainly am ....and as Bob Young said when he bought the team...we really shouldn't say "Argos s
ck" as it simply is not true for last 20 years.

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For sure there is some envy there on my part. If they could ever figure a way to regularly attract 20000 to games BMO can be a fun place to watch a game.

Id agree that has been the status quo for the last 30 odd years, but I think the odds improve over the next 30.

Oakview Groups involvement is a big positive. The continued growth of the GTHA in population and wealth can't be ignored (and underserved by the NHL) forever.

I'd also argue the NHL might need Hamilton more then Hamilton needs the NHL going forward. Participation in sports amoung all ages, but especially youth is trending more towards soccer and basketball, not to mention pickleball which is thr fastest grow Participation sport in Canada.

Not to mention all the other social media type distractions that didn't exist 30 years ago.

The myth that hockey will always be the heart and soul of Canada I think will be challenged in the coming years.

That's a problem for the NHL given so much of their revenue comes from Canada, with GTHA of course being the wealthiest area of Canada.

If interest in hockey drops in the GTHA, then revenue drops, and that'll have ripple affects given the revenue sharing model they rely upon to keep a good number of underperforming markets afloat.

The NHL may well need to plant another flag in the GTHA if they want to stay relevant here in the coming decades.


Probably the worst qb performance by evans in grey cup history

its not the interest in the game that stops kids participating. Its the astronomical cost. Other sports cost less. Equipment, icetime, travel, etc all add up.



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I predict a ham/cal grey cup.

not sure what year tho

The 1980 grey cup was pretty bad as well; the difference being we weren't expected to be in the GC that year against the mighty Eskimos.

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I can't recall who it was but I do remember an Edmonton journalist predicting that Edmonton would win the game by a 40 point spread . Turns out he was wrong they only won by thirty eight . Final score Esks 48 Cats 10 . :eyes: :flushed:

Hey we were happy to be in the Grey Cup; I do recall some fires being set downtown; perhaps involving a vehicle..... now that I think of it ,2013 GC was no picnic either

Neither was 1984 . The last time we met the BB's in the Cup before our b2b losses in '19' and '21' . It was the famous meeting of Clements vs Brock a year after the big trade .

We started off great jumping out to an early 17-3 lead before the wheels virtually fell off . The BB's absolutely crushed us after that to the tune of 47-17 . So doing the math we were outscored by a margin of 44-0 the rest of the way in that game after building up that early lead as massive underdogs that day . :eyes: :flushed: