Grey Cup Predictions

Half way through the season, good time to place your bets.

Ok, I'll admit I'm starting this thread as an excuse to say I have a funny feeling it's going to be one of those every 5-7 year Argo championships.

Somehow they always seem to stumble into a title in years they have no business winning one. This feels like one of those years.

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Argos have had the fortune of playing Cups in the east the last few times they were .500 and in it. They also had a far superior quarterback in Ray in 2012 and 2017. They’re not a good road team and I’d say not really a good team overall - we did help make them look an awful lot better as did a depleted Sask team. This may actually be a year the crossover team or Montreal gets over the hump and represents the east. But I don’t see either winning unless Wpg runs into a boatload of injuries.


Winnipeg still plays Sask and they've been doing a great job of putting opposing QB's on the 6 game. 3 so far. So Winnipeg could still be in big trouble.

I was thinking the exact same thing. The Rourke injury was a bit of a fluke, but they took out his backup on an illegal hit.

Neither appeared to be a blatant attempt to injure like the Masoli hit. But SSK knows they can’t get past a healthy Collaros.

I fully agree on the Rourke hit but to me if you leave your feet after hitting the QB and land on his chest with all your weight as Sankey did it is an attempt to injure.

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What better way to boost the Argo brand in the big smoke than a Grey Cup victory

:rofl: :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Yeah that would work because the city of Toronto really goes absolutely ape shit nuts whenever the Anchors fall ass backwards into a Cup victory every 5 to 7 years .

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Unless the wheels totally off the two top west teams, whoever comes out of the east will be facing either the Bombers or the you actually see ANY team in the east defeating either the Stamps or the bombers. Or for that matter even having a chance in the Final.

Montréal Als beat the Bombers ,so yes we do…..


Argos beat Calgary in 2015 I think it was, which was a shocker. Hence "stumbling" into a title part.

That's my point, no one would pick the Argos to win at any point between the strat of the season and today, and quite likely the start of the playoffs. Which is why it'll qualify for the "stumbling" their way into a championship category.

Argos are on their way to winning the east, they'll have a 1st round bye. Vancouver's wonderkid QB is injured, Winnipeg was beat by MTL, heck, our 3-8 ticats almost beat Calgary and hung in decently enough with Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.

It's not like the western teams are juggernauts this year. I feel like things will conspire for a favorable Argo playoff run this year, they're about due for some dumb luck.

consider that a lightning strike,,,ain't gonna happen in a grey cup match THIS year, or as it happened last year too...other year perhaps yes i totally agree but a healthy Stamps team or healthy Bomber team aint gonna lose the big game to no team form the east this year

2015 had a much better Argos team and less of power house team for the stamps...this year it ain't gonna happen...and I hate to see the stamps win even exhibition games,,,the bombers unless that lightning strikes Colaros and 5 other key players ain't gonna lose a play off match vs any east team either...look for both of these teams to get some good talent from late nfl cuts for shoring up what they are missing

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The Argos are not very good this year. Their 5-5 record flatters them. They could easily have a 2-8 receord if earlier in the season Montreal made that chip-shot game winning FG, and the Cats didn't allow their infamous 2nd half collapses to occur in their two losses to the Argos.

I would not bet against the Argos when they had Ricky Ray. That guy was a magician. However I doubt Bethel-Thompson has the ability to propel a sub-par or even mediocre Argos to a Grey Cup victory.

Bombers beat the Bombers not the Als, also the bombers were a very tired team thanks to the number of games played with no break, I would very much like our chances in a one game showdown.

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No doubt. WPG probably wins 9 times out of 10. But that’s the point of playing the games - it’s not 10 out of 10.

That’s why, every so often, weaker teams (other than HAM) pull off a big Grey Cup upset.

Haha fair points, i get it, I'm not saying ther Argos are a good team. They're not, what im saying is its because they're not expected to do anything, they'll pull a rabbit outta their ass this year, it's the formula!

A playoff opponent will have a key injury the week before, they'll sign a key NFL cut, something will happen.

Not a overly serious suggestion all, more of me expressing my exacerbation that we can't do anything right and they'll fall into aGC win is all.

I wonder if Zac will survive the next two games against Riders ,that’s my gut feeling and it will obvious effect Bombers chances of a third Grey Cup appearance & Stamps are not all that great, playing on the frozen prairie that’s another matter.Montéal’s running game is pretty solid,good kicking game ,bet on Als over Stamps…..

We only need to win three or four more games and we’ll make the playoffs,doubt Riders will win another game… them 6 ,possibly 7 wins ,we have three ,four onLabour Day…..

The Riders already have 6 wins. They have a tough remaining schedule but 2 of their games are against bottom feeders Edmonton and Hamilton. They should at the very least win those two games which would give them a total of 8 wins.

Hamilton would then need to go 5-2 in their remaining 7 games in order to reach 8 wins and prevent Saskatchewan from crossing over.

Do you see the Cats going 5-2? :smile:

We’ll beat ‘em…..Elks may too….