Grey Cup Predictions

Sask now has Messam, which is pretty huge, Calgary is always a contender, Winnipeg improves every year it seems and Edmonton has been chomping at the 2nd place bit for a while. Hard to say, but I will go with Saskatchewan, mainly because they got Messam and Jones will make use of him. I expect the West will be even more competitive though.

The east, it wounds me to say, but Toronto I think will book their trip again. With Trestman at the helm, Montreal still a tire fire, Ottawa working out post championship kinks and Hamilton doing nothing personnel wise and only replacing coaching staff, I think it's the Ricky and Green show again.

Ya re Esks and GCs: And they've won at least one every decade except the 60's-- from the 50's onward by the looks of things. Pretty solid franchise. For awhile it seemed like they were also supplying QBs for the whole league. Dunnigan, Allen, Nealon Green, Marshall Crandall, Tracy Ham, Jason Maas and supplying a HOF guy to the NFL named Moon. BTW are there other double HOFers -CFL and NFL out there? Must be hey...but can't think of any. Bud Grant I guess as coach/builder.

Edm and Ham, Edm win 23-19.

Yet they have the best fan base and stadium in the league. It’s almost like the fans love their team all the time - not only when the bandwagon is rockin’.

Who knew?

Query: If the Stamps are considered chokers by many (despite their regular season successes and consistency), what would someone call their fans who can’t fill the place?

Things that make ya go hmmmmm…

Calgary as almost at home. Cheers!!