Grey Cup Predictions

I had a dream that the Grey Cup was playing and :

  1. I had to study for an exam;
  2. I could not find the game on T.V. - I was so frustrated going from channel to channel;

Anyway, in my dream it was a Winnipeg-Calgary Grey Cup.

Any other predictions?

P.S. I must be OLD - I miss the days when I dreamt about women.

If it happens, it means either Calgary or Winnipeg makes it to the GC by crossing over to the East. That would be a first!

Either way, Calgary will choke in the GC again...

I agree but how could I go against my (silly) dream? :wink:

It will be a Sask/Ham Grey Cup. With the Riders winning...

I predict an all Canada Cup

Calgary- Hamilton

Calgary gets Cupset by Ottawa.

Write it down, circle it, and underline it twice.

Edmonton will beat Toronto.....

A Canadian team will win I say but which one? That IS the question!

Yes, that is the question.

Again, my dream said Winnipeg and Calgary.

My brain says Ottawa and Calgary.

I dreamed I lived in a student hovel and didn't have a TV and I had to watch the Grey Cup at the bus station on a pay-by-the-minute TV and they kicked me out at the start of the 4th quarter...and then I awoke and remembered IT WASN'T A DREAM AT ALL.

Winnipeg vs. Hamilton

The real deal is Edmonton will beat Toronto.
Confidence level Edmonton 95% Toronto 60%.

Now you can bet Vegas and win big time!!

I won't predict which 2 teams (it's much to early for that) will be meeting in this years Cup.... BUT based on the last few seasons I will predict that an Eastern team with an inferior W/L record will once again defeat a Western team with a superior W/L record in this years big game . :o ;D

EDM - HAM :wink:

I had a dream that the Riders had won 106 Grey Cups in a row. Then I woke up and found out it was only 4. How can that be? How is that even possible? And they call the Stamps chokers :slight_smile: :-*

Maybe do your research and you’ll realize the CFL really came into being once the Lions joined the league in 1954, it’s considered the start of the modern era. Early in the 10s, 20s, 30s, etc it was loosely organized amateur teams out west playing against the much more advanced and established teams out east. So when the east played the west for the Grey Cup, the east won virtually every time. In fact a western team didn’t win until the 23rd Grey Cup (Winnipeg). All those old stats and games are historically interesting, but really have nothing to do with the modern era CFL. Calgary didn’t win one until the 36th Grey Cup - do you hear anyone criticizing them for that? Of course not.

And in the modern era of the real CFL, little old Regina has overcome the odds to win it four times, five if you count the upcoming season of course. Which is pretty damn good.

Maybe one day we can put this revisionist history to bed.

Grey Cup winners from 1954 to 2017

Edmonton…14 (54,55,56,75,78,79,80,81,82,87,93,03,05,15)
Toronto…7 (83,91,96,97,04,12,17)
Hamilton…7 (57,63,65,67,72,86,99)
Winnipeg…7 (58,59,61,62,84,88,90)
Calgary…6 (71,92,98,01,08,14)
B.Columbia…6 (64,85,94,00,06,11)
Montreal…6 (70,74,77,02,09,10)
Ottawa(R.R’s)…5 (60,68,69,73,76)
Saskatchewan…4 (66,89,07,13)
Ottawa(RB’s)…1 (16)
Baltimore…1 (95)

I cannot believe that The 1982 Concordes didn't win one. 8)

Toronto vs Edmonton

Thanks for this. Interesting (as I’ve been following the league since the 1970s); I wouldn’t have guessed that Winnipeg has won the Cup 7x, nor did I realize that Edmonton has won it twice as many times as the 2nd place teams.