Grey Cup predictions

I predict the riders are in it and the stumps aren't
the Al's are in it and BC had no business in the eastern final
so heres my pick 33/24 riders

You should be a fortune tell with your uncanny ability to predict that which has already happened :stuck_out_tongue:

I was always very good at predicting the past myself. But I also can predict the future, I will predict the score of the game before it starts.


But what about game #1…? That one got a little out of hand… :smiley: And it was in Regina!

The Riders secondary matches up extremely well against Montreal's recievers in my opinion. The Alouettes are no doubt a great team. The last time these two teams met was three months ago, and the Riders have gotten alot better over those three months. They have been the comeback kids as of late, and I expect a good game down to the wire. If our defense can keep up with Montreal's recievers, we win. The game is solely on the shoulders of the Riders d. Riders 27 Als 23.

I also predict Andy Fantuz takes Nick Lewis' locker. Time to hit the golf course Nick.

ya and it was at at time when the Riders were struggling.. this was early!

Durant is playing very well now and he's hot! completely different..

too many people are giving the Als all the credit, while calling the Riders bums! (some)

If I call the Riders bums, it's only to get on your nerves. :smiley:

The big question is..................

If AC passes for another 5 td strikes, can the Riders qb match it?

If not........................


of course id love for my riders to win but lets the face the facts montreal doesn't really have any weak links. They have a real bad taste in their mouth from last year trestman is a better coach. only way we have a chance is if we disrupt the als quck passes which is really tough and also getting through I beleive montreal's 8 man pass protection please correct me if im wrong on how many guys for pass protection . If we don't stop that my prediction mtl 43-18 if we can stop it ssk-27-23 lets hope riders but I do think it's mtl year this is the time I want to be wrong

mtl 35
ssk 10

I think this game will be a lot closer than most think.. I say

Sask 31
Montreal 30

Luca Congi kicks a game winning FG with no time left on the clock...

I hope your right, I have that score in my pool.

Doesn’t Luca Congi sound like a disease to you, like I won’t be at work today I’ve come down with a bad case of Luca Congi.

Maybe that will work in Regina in a week or so.

The tale of two coaches. The team that wins will be because they were the best coached. These two coaches should be the top candidates for Coach of the Year. I think Coach Miller is going to win this battle and the Riders will prevail
30 - 24.

Riders have not kept the Als under 30 points and I doubt they will. Gonna take more than 30 points to beat them.

I don’t think we can beat the Als if they score more than 30 points.

I think it might be a shoot out.

34-31 Riders

34 26 ALS , SK. won't be playing a team that takes penalties and turns the ball over 3 or 4 times a game. The ALS are the better team and should win. The worse the weather the better it is for the Riders.

Predictions are always tough

I'll take Als 41 Riders 17.

While the Riders have a good passing attack their ground game is just not good enough against a defense like the Als. Without that run offense expect the Als to pretty much pin their ears back on every play and with their excellent front 7 that could be a major mismatch.

AC is just too good at getting the ball away quickly and he's far too accurate and he has a ton of weapons to work with, his offensive line is also outstanding.

In years past you could argue that the Als were coming into the finals playing less the spectacular ball, thats not the case this year, you could also argue that they have a killer instinct that they didn't have in the past where they would let themselves sit on a lead.

They're going to try to put the pressure on the Riders, they're going to try to crush them early and leave no chance for later.

This could also be Trestman's last shot at a Grey Cup, look for that to be a powerful motivator.

Since I always say that Defense wins Championships, I will ammend my prediction by saying whoever gives up the least points will win the Grey Cup.

I predict that the streaker we saw in 1975 (yes I was there), will be far nicer to look at than any of the offerings we will see on Sunday (based on the vast ammount of skin displayed during the Western final).

I apologize in advance if any of you were shown on TV dispaying your largess but please keep you clothes on in Calgary, at least those of the male persuation, nobody wants to see you naked!