Grey Cup predictions

Al's: 38

Anyone else with some REALISTIC predictions?

The Als will score the biggest blowout since the 1977 Grey Cup…

37-22 Alouettes.

If they don't win this year, they may never win.


Judging by todays games...

Als 34
Riders 29

If the Riders don't start slow like they did today we should have a game, they did come close to knocking off the Al's at home earlier in the year. I know most people will predict an Al's win, I think it may be their year. Hopefully with Durant at the helm we have many more trips to the Grey Cup but it would be oh so nice to win.

If Montreal loses, I’ll be calling for them to be moved to the West division so we don’t have to see them lose in the GC every year. :lol:

I looked at the Grey Cup day weather forecast (not that one can predict the weather in Calgary that far ahead). It looks like it will be a wet day and the field should be slick.

Montreal is better suited to handle these conditions, imo.
Als 27
Sask. 13

riders 33
Als 19

well i picked the Riders to win today by 10 and they did so I'll go with the Riders win by 3 points on this one :slight_smile: another home game coming up for the Riders and another sea of Green in Calgary, Rider nation is coming to Calgary to throw the biggest party ever in that city! :rockin:

No contest- ---- Alouettes by 127 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :roll: :wink:

Als 31
Western Riders 17

Congrats to both teams!!! I hope all the people going next week will see a good game, but I think MTL takes it in a walk.

:lol: :lol: you must have just started watching the CFL to say somrthing like that, ever seen the conditions the Riders have played in at taylor field over the years? wow thats funny

so many people already writing the Riders off already! too funny.

Wasn't this the case last year too?

everyone was writing off the Stampeders days before it even was played, and well we all know the outcome...

Don't be so quick to automatically give it to the Als... afterall, it only takes 1 game..

there have been a lot of games in the Grey Cup where the overwhelming favorite never got to touch the Cup!..

Riders 28 Alouettes 24.

and I won't change one bit..

I predict that whoever scores the most points will hoist the Cup.

Als 46+
Saskatchewan 11

It will be a blow out and will be over before the 3rd quarter ends. Cobourne will factor big and Calvillo will be so on his game and throw so many TDs he will finally take his blind fold off in the 4th quarter to see what time it is. Chick will try to crush the QB and will be picking his sorry behind up off the turf. Gainer the Gopher will be so embarrassed he will be glad he is wearing his mascot outfit. The melonheads will be trying to trade in their melons for cobheads or an aged white Calgary stallion or even retro Montreal jerseys to escape McMahon Stadium. Montreal will declare Monday the day after Grey Cup a civic holiday and all the little children will jump for glee. The Montreal stock exchange will open higher as traders in futures of watermelons will convert their melon holdings into autographed Montreal "beast" jersey franchises.

There shall be dancing in the streets and triumphant jublilation at Montréal–Trudeau airport as delighted fans welcome their heroes.

And when the evening news comes on to show the Grey Cup game highlights all of Montreal and Quebec shall revel in the highlights. Some will even have taped the game so they can watch them again and again. Some will even send them to their loved ones who are not Alouette fans and who live in distant places like B.C. , Calgary and Saskatchewan with a little note attached saying.... "Sorry, wish you were here".

There shall be lamenting and shedding of tears in those darker provinces as fans of other distant teams ponder and say, " That could have been us...that could have been us...."

Right on cflthebest, if the Als players think the same as the fans here then they just might get a rude awakening going in feeling to confident, thinking the Riders are a push over we heard Calgary fans say the same thing along with 1 Lions fan LOL, did i say 1? yup 1 fan

I predict sales of Lethbridge Pilsner will be way up this week in Calgary.

you’re dreaming. it’ll never get that far out of reach.

The Riders gave the Als a good run for their money in game #2… they’re by no means pushovers!

35-25 Als

The only way the riders would stay in this is if they score early and often because the als do not give up a lead after halftime and they need to play absolutely flawless ball to have a chance of getting the win. While it is difficult to beat a team 3 times in a row Trestman has the als looking very sharp right now and it would take an incredible effort to stop them at this point. This is not a team that looks like it will be upset this year and I dont think the riders have the horses to do it

I predict that sales of gopher stew will outpace sales of poutine at least 3-1.