Grey Cup Predictions

Well Guys the time is fast approaching let's hear some predictions on the Grey Cup game. I think it is BC and either Toronto or Montreal. Who Ever Plays It'll be a good match up.

The Lions should make the Grey Cup, though I can't help thinking about 1989 when the 16-2 Eskimos were beaten by the third-place Roughriders. (I figured my Cats had it in the bag once that happened.)

I don't think Montreal will be able to beat the Argos. Toronto is better than they were last year, and the Als are not as good. If there is a crossover, I doubt they'll be able to get past the Als; no crossover team has ever won a playoff game.

So that means, probably B.C. versus Toronto...again!

If so, in the past decade we will have had Hamilton/Calgary back-to-back, Montreal/Edmonton back-to-back, and Toronto/B.C. back-to-back.

Geez, for something that hardly ever happened before, it now seems to happen on a regular basis.

And if history repeats itself, it'll be B.C., who lost last year, getting their revenge this year.

mont vs bc mont victory

Grey Cup Game
Ottawa vs Hamilton, Ottawa gets the crossover.

How it can happen

Hamilton wins the rest of there games to end up at 8-10.

Ottawa wins 3 out 5 losing to Hamilton twice to end up at 8-10

Calgary and Saskatchewan lose all there games and tie the one they play against each other to end up at 7-10-1 and just miss the playoffs.

Grey Cup Result Hamilton 28 Ottawa 27 after a single point convert attempt by Ottawa is blocked and returned with no time on the clock for the Hamilton win.

roughyfan, are you assuming that Hamilton missed an extra point, then got the single point on the blocked convert return?

I'm surprised that the possibility still exists for that to happen. Scary that Hamilton could still come back, although they'd have to beat a couple of pretty good teams to do so, wouldn't they?

For the record, I think that Calgary will go through the West, and the riders will go through the east, and the riders will win. :slight_smile:

Okay, no, I just thought of that as I was typing, it was too funny to not put down. I think montreal will come out of the east, and actually I could see Edmonton coming out of the west. They won't have to run the ball if they play the west final in the dome. And I would say that as much as I wouldn't want to see it, Edmonton would probably win that game. High scoring tho, probably 44-38 or something like that.

Exception made of BC and Hamilton, I think the league rarely was this balanced before. Honestly, the "middle 7 teams" could all win and lose against anyone. I think the 3rd place teams' chances of going to the big game have never been better than this year.

So just focus on getting a playoff berth, and then, you'll be entitled to dream of the Cup.

........roughy, do you write for Comedy Central?......that scenario would be priceless.....

[quote="42monkey42"]roughyfan, are you assuming that Hamilton missed an extra point, then got the single point on the blocked convert return?


Ottawa scores a last second td to tie the game at 27-27. They think they have it in the bag until Cheatwood blocks the extra point and returns it for the extra point.

I would love to see the Vegas odds on that happening.

Actaully I said Ottawa and Hamilton just because this post has been up about 8 times in the last week. Then I got thinking, can that really happen, well it can.

Predictions are tough right now. Lions are a favourite but if Esks play like they did against Lions, don't count them out. Riders are hot right now and Stamps are winning without Burris. Als look like they're getting their game together and Argos are still a contender. Depending if there is a crossover or not, it's tough to predict right now but my heart is with the Lions. Want to include the Gades but haven't shown me much so we'll see how they play in the next couple games.

I think that if BC makes it to the cup they will win regardless of who they play. They will have an unbeatable home field advantage and the crowd will play a major part

I agree ro1313. If you think the crowd noise was tough for Saskatchewan in the Western Final last playoffs, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I think the crowd noise you got in the West final is the max noise you will get. Remember for the Grey cup it is not just BC fans who have tickets. A lot of fans are there from all over the country. Now in my case I would be cheering for the Lions if the Riders aren't there. But I dion't think It would be any louder in the Cup then for the west final.

But then again I have never been to GM place so I don't know

I think BC will take it this year.. they should have had it last year, this time they won't be denied. Just like Hamilton/Calgary and Montreal/Edmonton before them, it will be a split back to back with the Argos...

I think you’ve been hanging out with Turkeybend too long! LOL

Since we're talking about the Absurd. Edmonton will throw their rermaining games so they can cross over play the weaker Eastern teams. (That should get some of you fired up) Edmonton will represent the East against BC in the Grey Cup. Sanchez intercepts Dave Dickensons pass to score the winning touchdown and rewrite history as the first Western Team to win the Grey Cup for the East!

How's that for absurd!

here's the playoffs: West- 2) Calgary beats 3) Edmonton
East- 2) Montreal beats 3) Saskatchewan
West- 2) Calgary beats 1) BC
East- 1) Toronto beats 2) Montreal
Grey Cup: 2) Calgary beats 1) Toronto by 3

  1. Thats 2) absurd and
  2. insanely 4) biased

A BC/Argo Grey Cup is probably the right one, but I think Calgary is a dark horse. I think T.O. will win the Cup (sigh) because Dave is not a winner. Dave is the CFL's answer to Dan Marino. He'll be one of the greatest players in the history of the CFL to never win a championship. Dave can't win the big game. He proved it in '99 against the Tiger Cats and again last year.

i have a feeling toronto has peaked and their performance will begin to decline, resulting in montreal representing the east in the playoffs. In the west i'd say either b.c. or edmonton.