27-19 SK GO RIDERS!!!!!!

I would say, that the Bomber Defense shows up completely. Gavin Walls and Tom Canada stop any sort of sneaking by Joseph, and completely stop the run.

Dinwiddie plays an acceptional game, but takes some chances deep and does some sneaking.

The BOmber O-line lives up to their reputation and gives Ryan time to make reads and throw the ball.

Troy does a spectacular job of punting and place kicking.

My final prediction:

The Bombers come ready to play

24-13 Bombers.

i gotta say overall the bombers are clicking at the right time and are going to be the victor on sunday let's say 18-12 blue

If you are going to predict the bombers... I think you better keep the score low ... and tight.

Riders 36 - 18

All I am going to say is Riders in 07!

Amen to that!

Why do you say that? you dont think we can get it done on offense?

I sure hope your rider players think like you do :thup:

Listen, I understand you think that what I say matters. I'd probably hold onto that too in your situation. In fact, now that I think about it, I'll take as a compliment, thanks!

But the 2007 Roughriders don't care what either one of us says. They'll be ready.

We can smack and trash all we want, it's going to come down to the game. Oh, and without Glenn (Get well soon, lil' buddy), I really like our chances.

Bomber fans really have to give the Riders, but more importantly Kevin Glenn, the credit they have earned and somehow remain positive about the chances of winning on Sunday. Its a task I'd never wish upon them. But its a reality. I can only say that we will see how defensive the Bombers will actually get when backed into the corner they are in. No predictions here, just anticipation of one of the greatest moments of my sport watching life, either way.


have to turn that score around

27 - 19 BOMBERS

Riders 27
Bombers 17

I have to say Winnipeg over Saskatchewan 33-18. Your papers are cocky in saying you got the win already cause we dont have a QB. But your papers dont know what makes a team and this is a team sport.... we have Milt Stegall who likely wont play next year, Kevin Glen, who got us here.....Winnipegs got heart, just wait and see you can talk all you want winnings if you got faith and I believe 8)

I am much Hate to see DJ Flick get a Ring.
The Roughriders Fan should get one.

Roughies 42 Bombers 13

Instead of making light of glenn, you might thank your lucky star it did not happen to Joseph. Who knows, it could happen on his first play.


Some Hamilton fans are bitter about Flick making fun of Desjardins by doing a ripoff of that lame Oski-wee-wee thingy...

First off I am not makng light of Glenn. That injury just plain sucks. This would have been absolutely EPIC with West MOP vs. East MOP.

thats lame...:roll:

If that bothers people that much, they obviously dont realize worse things in life will happen to them then that.

While I'm going to the game and chearing for the Riders I believe its going to be a close game. Easy rider fans anybody can win in a one game shotout.
Riders also don't have any game film on the new quarterback. Winniepg has a great offence. Its d-line stopped many teams this year on 2nd and one. They have great recievers and are trying to win one for Stegall.
Riders in a nailbitter. riders 27 bombers 23

The riders just have to show up to win this. No contest they are the best in the CFL. They can win this in their sleep. There is No Way They can lose!