GREY CUP PREDICTIONS: Alouettes vs. Lions

Hey BC fans

Just wanted to say that I'm predicting an Alouettes vs. BC Lions Grey Cup...

But the truth is Saskatchewan will most likely beat BC. So it will probably be a guaranteed Montreal Alouettes Grey Cup victory.

Sorry fellahs...this is the year of the Als

I do believe in who will go to the final. But I think, and Hope you will eat Your words. But only game day will tell. I can look at the numbers, and record with the games against Montreal.
Us Lions will fight to the end.

Go Lions Go!!

Looks like it won't be Saskatchewan playing Montreal - they kind of took a drubbing at the hands of the Lions today.

As for the Grey Cup... If it's not snowing or icy and a hurricane isn't blowing across the field in Winnipeg, I do believe the Leos will win the Cup next Sunday. If a blizzard is happening, it's anybody's game.

This is certainly not the year of the Als, unless we've been watching different teams play in those Montreal uniforms.

I Strongly Believe in a Lions Victory. We want it so bad. We have the talent, now all we have to do is go out an get it. Lets go boys

You're believing in nothing woodc90. The Alouettes will win this Grey Cup. They have more talent and more desire than the Lions. It looks like that the Alouettes victory is guaranteed.


BC is now the obvious favorite to win the grey cup. Montreal has never beaten BC in the playoffs before. If the weather is bad, BC would have the advantage from a superior defense that is #1 in turnover takeaways.

If the weather is bad, the game will favor the POWER RUNNING ATTACK OF THE MONTREAL ALOUETTES!

The massive running back Robert Edwards will run over the kitties while Éric Lapointe will run right past them.


Not really...the BC D was tops in shutting down the run...especially the Al's run.

Is Montreal still in the league?

I'd heard something about a Junior B (aka CFL East )Championship being held in a half-empty stadium prior to the Lions-Riders game.

tru dat appleby

I think Robert Edwards won't be stopped on Sunday. He is a man on a mission. He is a solid runner in between the tackles. The reason why the Alouettes lost to the Lions twice this year was because he didn't get the ball enough. He'll get it early and often this time. He'll just keep pounding and pounding on the Lions run defense. Robert Edwards isn't a speedy, elusive Kenton Keith. He wants to hit.
I don't think that he'll be stopped at all on Sunday. Not at all.

Robert Edwards? Can't say I've heard of him. Does Denny Ferdinand still play running back for the Concordes? (Are they still called that?)
What about all those guys that got arrested? Will they be playing?

The BC Lions defense will be caught completely off-guard by the Montreal Alouettes on Sunday. This game is shaping up to be one of the greatest upsets in CFL history.

The Mighty Leos will win the Cup!!! The Alouettes will have trouble once again with the Lions just like they did back in 2000.

ITOLDYOUSO. #1 your sounding like a fool. How do you think that the Lions defence will be caught off guard by the alouettes running? they have a week to prepare and the lions will know that the alouettes game plan will be to run the ball. The lions defensive line is too good. Johnson,Hunt,Wilson and Williams will stop them. Lapointe or Edwards will get their yards but so will Smith.

Defense Advantage BC
Offence Advantage BC - BC'S Passing is Far better.
Running Advantage Mtl ( very small though )
Special Teams Even
Coaching BC. Buono is great along with Richie And Jacques Cordaline. (sp)?
BC should win. If turnovers happen who knows?

Turnovers WILL HAPPEN. And when that happens, the Montreal Alouettes will be coming home with the Grey Cup.

The Als will get alot of pressure on Dave Dickenson. One blind-side hit will make him fumble or throw a bad pass that will lead to an interception. The Als defense will put alot of pressure on Dickenson. They'll confuse him with coverages and hide the blitzes. I can see Montreal's defense winning this game for them.

Montreal Alouettes will WIN THE GREY CUP.

Just letting you know, "a lot" is two words not one. You've made that mistake "alot" in your weak posts. Just telling you so.

The Montreal Alouettes will be taking advantage of a few mistakes that the Lions will be making on Saturday:

  1. The Lions being overconfident and overestimating Montreal

  2. The Lions defense placing too much emphasis on stopping the Edwards and Lapointe thus opening up big gains through play-action passes

  3. Dave Dickenson for relying too much on Geroy Simon. The Montreal Alouettes will win this game if Dave sees double coverage and decides to throw some passes to Clermont, Jackson, and Thewell. They won't win the game for BC. The Montreal secondary is far superior than the Saskatchewan Roughies.

Montreal will win the Grey Cup

Everyone except this ITOLDYOUSO nutbar is leaning towards a Lions victory.

But ya know the Alouettes are most dangerous when they are underdogs. Dave Stala is going to be the key to this key. If he can get open when the Lions double team Cahoon, the Als will win.

This is how the Montreal Als will win this game.

• Protect the football. I can't stress this enough. Unlike Toronto, whose offense is a joke, B.C. will make us pay if we throw picks or fumble the ball. Calvillo has to make the right reads, take what the defence gives him, and not force the ball into traffic, because Barron Miles is a ball hawk who will make A.C. pay.

• Look off the DBs. Calvillo did a good job of this against the Argos, but it's not enough. He's got to do it on any medium or long pass.

• Get every receiver involved. Yes, that includes my least favourite Alouette Thyron Anderson. Dave Ritchie is going to throw a blanket over Ben Cahoon, so it's up to Anderson, Stala, Watkins, and T. Edwards to step up, get open, and make the catches.

• No drops. Forget about yards after catch — if you don’t catch the ball, YAC don’t mean a thing. Watkins especially has to hang onto the pigskin.

• Stick with the running game, even if it doesn’t work early on. The Lions have a ferocious run defence, but we can’t abandon the run. If we do, they’ll just pin their ears back and tee off on Calvillo. Edwards is a big, bruising back who gets stronger as the game goes on and he gets more touches. Give him the rock early and often. If the Lions start cheating off their defensive assignments to stuff the run, the passing game will open up.

• Predictable = death, a.k.a. Mix up the playcalling. We started hot against Toronto because we confused them with a great play scheme: running screens and sideline routes with Edwards and the fullback, then busting it up the gut when they were spread out. In the second half, though, Calvillo and Strasser fell into the safe, predictable pattern we’ve seen all year: draw play on first down, medium pass on second down. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work, and we almost paid for it. We have got to keep the Lions off-balance and unsure of what we’re going to do on any given down, or we won’t have any success. Use Edwards and Lapointe in a two-back formation with misdirection. Get Vilimek or Piercy involved in fullback screens. Try reverses with Watkins as the ‘running back’. Turn Edwards into a receiver and get him loose with the ball in open space. Let’s see Anwar Stewart line up a few times at tight end. Let’s see Calvillo scramble here and there. Hell, bust out the ol’ flea-flicker and see if you can’t catch the Lions’ DBs napping.

• Bring pressure early and often. Dickenson is a great QB, but he’s human like anyone else, and fragile too. Hit him thunderously (but cleanly) early on to disrupt his rhythm. If he’s more worried about avoiding the hit from Philion, Stewart, et al., he won’t be focused on finding his receivers, which will mean incompletions and maybe even INTs.

• Disguise formations. Dickenson is probably the best quarterback in the league at reading coverage and finding the seam, so our D has to disguise its packages effectively and have him uncertain about when and how we’re blitzing, when we’re dropping into coverage, and how we’re disguising our schemes. If we just line up eight men on the line of scrimmage and try to get to him quickly, we’ll get killed.

• No blown coverage. Bishop burned us for TDs in the final because our DBs got crossed up and confused about their assignments. This is unacceptable, especially when the other team is threatening our end zone. Geroy Simon is already dangerous enough without us handing him gift touchdowns because of blown coverage assignments.

• Win the one-on-one battles. Forget about how the team is doing: each player is responsible for what he does. If your assignment is to beat the left guard and get to the quarterback, focus solely on that, and not on what the rest of the team is doing. Don’t look at the scoreboard.

Special teams
• Stick to the script. Our kick coverage has been very good all year, but last week we were burned for big yardage. Ian Smart will want to show us that we made a mistake cutting him, so we’ve got to contain him and limit his returns. The last thing we want to do is give Dickenson great field position to start his drives.

• Secure the football. If Cobourne hadn’t fumbled last week, the score really wouldn’t have been close. This week, it could spell disaster for us if he can’t hang onto the ball.

• Better blocking for Cobourne. We need all the help we can get, and field position is key, so let’s help our offense out by putting them in a good position when they start their drives. If we can do this, we should win the field-position battle, given that Duval is a better punter for my money than McCallum.

• Minimize penalties, especially the procedure, offside, and facemasking infractions. All three are completely avoidable penalties in a neutral city like Winnipeg where the crowd won’t be completely partisan to one team. Facemasking is pure boneheadedness. Offside, at this point in the season, is unforgivable. Taking a procedure call because your own QB’s hard count confused you is equally unforgivable (I’m looking at you, Okeke).

The Als will win by playing above their heads and executing at a higher level. And they'll win. I'm expecting them to.