Grey Cup Prediction...

As much as this kills me.. I think that the Eskimo's are going to sneak past the Riders and the Stamps and be the Western representative in the Grey Cup.. Blah... who wants to buy my Grey Cup tickets????

no way..

Calgary and Montreal.. Nov 28th!

Calgary is just too strong for anyone in the West to come into their home and beat them!

don't care how many games Edmonton has won (vs weak teams) they won't show up Calgary.

Sask and Hamilton

What I'd like to see... Esks and Cats.

What I'll likely see... Stamps and Als.

I said many weeks ago that whoever takes the last playoff spot in the West will play in Calgary on Nov. 21. A team carrying momentum into the playoffs is always dangerous. If B.C. gets the final spot, I will go with Calgary vs Montreal. If Edmonton gets the final spot we will have another Montreal vs Edmonton matchup.

I want to Eskimos if for no other reason than it could drive cflisthebest over the edge. I would be quite comfortable watching Calgary though. That is the joy of not hating, I can cheer for my team, then if their out, I just go on cheering for the next team.

Saturday is a big day, again.

Think its going to be Edmonton/Hamilton.. like I said... anyone want to buy my tickets.. I really really dont want to see the Eskimos in it.. Too many band-wagon jumpers here..

That's what I predicted at the start, and I am going to stick with it.

This is what I want to see... but I dont think it will happen.. :frowning:

It's pretty hard to buck the records of Calgary and Montréal. So it's highly likely we'll see them in Edmonton.

I'd love to see the Esks and Cats though. I think that would be a very entertaining match up.

Agree with this 100%

If you are right you'll have no problem selling those tickets. You do know where the GC is being played, right? :wink:

Now as for the 'bandwagon jumpers' ... curious where you get that perception from. Just your personal point of view, or some info to back it up?

It feels good to be the under dog again. :smiley:

pr jack.. I live in Edmonton.. and have for 25 years..

Would have to disagree with this. I think that Edmonton is one of the best, if not the best, sports towns in the Country (it does pain me to say this!). I have seen a lot of people stick with the teams up there through thick and thin!

My prediction:

Calgary vs. Hamilton. (I predicted Sask and Winnipeg at the start of the year - what was I thinking!)

The oilers maybe.. not the Eskimos... they have nothing but bad to say about them.. until the win a few games... then they love them again..At least thats been my experience.. Thats what I mean by wagon jumping.. they get off and on, depending on how well they are playing..

I was just a baby when the Esks were playing at a sold out Commonwealth stadium every game of the season..

I always wonder why they stopped having sell outs?

Since Calgary won in '01 it has usually been the 2 regular season division leaders in the Grey Cup. Recent history says Calgary - Montreal, but I'll go with Calgary - Hamilton. Week in week out Calgary has been the best in the league while Montreal has looked beatable almost every week and Kevin Glenn is the most underated player in the league this year, and Bellefeuille highly underrated as a coach.

Calgary over Hamilton in another classic, but for those with vivid imaginations, Toronto over Edmonton on a missed field goal return for a touchdown in the final minutes. 8)

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :rockin: :rockin: :D :D :D

Replay of last year = Saskatchewan vs. Montreal with Saskatchewan kicking a last second field goal after missing the first but getting a 2nd chance because Montreal had too many men on the field (13 men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: )

my pick is saskatchewan - hamilton at least that's what I'm hoping

And I was born and raised there and have had season tickets since '75. So?

I don’t see as many ‘bandwagon jumpers’ as I do see people who have become upset with the way the franchise is being run. These are people who could have ‘jumped off the wagon’ two years ago but stuck with the team. Their decision to question whether or not they will renew season tickets comes from the continued bungling by franchise management. And in many cases, they still cheer for the team, they’re just not as willing to pony up the $$ if they don’t think the team is being responsible.

I know the difference between what is a bandwagon jumper and what isn’t… I’m a total bandwagon jumper when it comes to the Oilers!