Grey Cup Prediction- yes......

Just like the TV networks like to call the outcome of a provincial election before all the ballots have been counted I'm going out on a limb and predict a Saskatchewan/Montreal Grey Cup re-match at Edmonton on November 28. This is barring serious injury to key positions for both teams.

Saskatchewan has it all together. An excellent QB, excellent receivers and so on. And so does Montreal. Saskatchewan demolished the Lions in the second half last week. Montreal did a number on Edmonton. Durant passes with pin point accuracy. Cates runs like he is possessed!

When the Roughies played Montreal a few weeks ago they matched them point for point and prevailed. Sure they gave up a whack of points but look who they were playing. The Roughies were playing the strongest team in the CFL as far as stats go.

I will also predict a Saskatchewan Grey Cup victory on November 28. I believe last year marked the beginning of a dynasty for Saskatchewan- and one that may continue for a number of years if the players remain healthy or to do not head down to the NFL.

The remaining teams in the CFL will make things interesting and entertaining but that will be about it. They will have their moments of football glory and there may even be a couple of surprises but Saskatchewan and Montreal will still get in.

The melon-heads have a lot to cheer about!

not gonna happen, and plus you cant predict it this early on, but i dont see saskatchewan getting back, stamps and riders are the two best in the west and rotate each year

Saskatchewan Roughriders avg 1 cup every 33.33 years :lol: :lol: so they might have to wait 31 more years or so now… jk they will win one just not this season

Is the eschaton on the horizon, LOL?

you really don't have a clue do you?