Grey Cup Prediction.....yes....already!

You know how when there is a provincial election how the networks are able to predict long before all of the ballots are counted who the winner is and whether it will be a majority etc.?

I'm making my prediction today [July 12, 2010] regarding Grey Cup 2010. Call it intuition or whatever but I feel it. Note it on your calendar. I predict it will be a Montreal/ Saskatchewan re-match barring unforeseen injuries to key players on either team. I'll also predict that Saskatchewan will take The Cup.

Based on the first two games of the season for all teams I believe Saskatchewan and Montreal are in a league of their own. Now....I may be wrong but I don't think so. I predict that both teams will end up with 14-4 records or better.

In '63 B.C. met Hamilton. Hamilton won the Grey Cup. In '64 these same two teams met again and the Lions got their revenge. I'd list all of the strengths of both Montreal and Saskatchewan but others could do a better job I'm sure.

The Lions had it all in '06 [depth, talent, balance] which was the year they won the Grey Cup. I believe both Saskatchewan and Montreal have everything needed to get into the Grey Cup for a second straight year.

The Lions will win some games this year and there may even be some squeakers. They "may" even get a playoff position but it will not be because they will be a strong team. It will be due to weakness of other teams. Yes, they will hopefully mature and "gel" as one fan suggested but this will be a rebuilding year for the Lions. The Ti-Cats have been rebuilding for the past 3 years or so and are just coming into their own.

I'm not writing the Lions off so I don't want anyone making such an accusation. They will have their moments in the sun this season but I'm also being realistic. Last year the Lions got into the playoffs through the backdoor because Hamilton knocked off Winnipeg. Since last year they've lost key personnel. This year they are playing with essentially a rookie O line. The problems they faced last year trying to protect the QB will persist and that is the Lions Achilles heel.

There are several bright spots on the Lions O and D but it will not make them Grey Cup contenders. At best they will hopefully be able to stay in most of the games but I expect to see blowouts and defeats against teams one would not expect to see win.

My hope is that the Lions do not have a 3-15 record or a similar record like the Ti-Cats and Toronto had during these past few seasons. I'm hopeful but not counting on it.

It will be Saskatchewan vs Montreal in Edmonton on November 28 in my humble opinion. :smiley:

I would have a hard time disagreeing with you after watching both the Riders and Montreal play so far this year. As you said they are in a league of there own and the Riders have looked plain dominate so far. I wouldn't put it past the Riders to get a little unbeaten streak going maybe a 4-0 or 5-0 they just look unstoppable in the pass game and its killed Montreal and BC.

I would agree that a Grey Cup rematch is the best bet but we will see how the season unfolds, may be a bit of a shocker in the playoffs.

Hound - you are way off on this one. The Lions will undoutedly rip the ears off anyone who gets in the way of their glorious cup win in 2010. Its in the bag baby.

Ya think Greatmystic? Oh man I hope you're right. I surely do. I am hoping I am so wrong. Seems even the Al's fans don't have as much confidence in their team as they used to. Maybe I've grossly overestimated the team. Maybe we'll be in for a giant surprise this Friday. I'd love to see the Lions stomp on the Als cause I know what the Als fans will do- the same thing the Roughie fans do when they lose.

Hound - you are a true fan - the best kind. but never take sides against the family. we'll lick'em one way or the other. sooner or later. that's what you got to love about the cfl this year - every team is going to have to fight like hell every game to get a W. I don't see any easy games for anyone. May the best team win.