Grey cup prediction for 2010

Yes....already. I'm ready to predict who will be in Edmonton on November 28.

Montreal and Saskatchewan. These two teams have picked up where they left off last season. If anything Saskatchewan will come out ahead and take the Cup. Saskatchewan demolished the Lions and Montreal did a number on Edmonton. The Ti-Cats are steadily improving but they will not be Grey Cup contenders. Winnipeg and Toronto will win more games than last year. B.C. may not even make the playoffs given their porous O line is. I don't see Calgary factoring into the equation.

Saskatchewan and Montreal have it all together. Excellent QBs, excellent receivers etc.

The other teams will be the supporting cast but that will be pretty much it. The opener between Saskatchewan and Montreal was the precursor. Barring unforeseen injuries at key positions I'm confident it will be a Saskatchewan/Montreal re-match.

Any number of things could still come into play, who knows what kind of injuries teams will encounter, it's a long season and it's not how you start.

I'm sure the Eskimos are telling themselves that right now... :lol:

and what happens if Calvillo or Durant get injured, or core members of the team? Regular season stats don't tell the story either, especially after week two of the season! Who was the favorite to win the grey Cup in 1989 the 16-2 Eskimos or the 9-9 Riders? Who won?

we all know that..

but no worries, Esks won't be there.

What are you talking about, cfl? Of course the Eskimos will be there. Edmonton is just playing possum right now. :wink:

Thus the disclaimer: "Barring unforeseen injuries at key positions I'm confident it will be a Saskatchewan/Montreal re-match." at the end of my post.

Apparently my reading comprehension isn't very good :wink:

Hamilton vs. B.C.

Believe it.

Is that to avoid Relagation ?

Know that i have seen bc play a couple of games i know for sure it is not going to be them, way to much work to be done.

i say sask for sure, and Winnipeg, i think Montreal from what i see is not the same team as last year.