Grey Cup Prediction: (B.C 37 - Montreal 17)

Unless a complete weather disaster occurs (Blizzard , -25 C) a feel as though the B.C Lions are the stronger in most catergories , here id how I break the game down on papar.

Well if you look at the teams they are even in a few categories

QB's - Even
RB's - Montreal
OL - Montreal
DL - B.C
LB's - B.C
DB's - B.C
P/K - Montreal
Coaching - B.C

  • Fairly even, but I think the biggest difference in this game will be made on the sidelines in terms of coaching , I just feel as though Wally Bouno has an edge , how about you?

Final Score B.C 37 - Montreal 17

BC 35 Als 21
I don't think QB's are equal not when you compare Buck to Nealon
OL should be even after the schooling they gave the Riders. The problem is that the advatages Montreal has are smaller then the Lions. Edwards versus Smith for example.

Our D-line vs their O-line. We had no problem shutting Kieth down last week, and we had no problem shutting down Edwards in both meetings with the Als this year.

Mr T. would predict 'Pain'.

You guys have produced a very good analysis "on paper". But, in a one shot game, anything can happen. I'll offer an example. In 2001, when the Grey Cup was played in my city, The Bombers were
14-4 in the regular season and the Stamps were 8-10. Milt Stegall had had a great season (like Geroy Simon in 2006). The Bombers were, in principle the better team. How could a team with a losing record, with a first year QB (Marcus Crandell!!!!!!!!!), beat the best team in the league. Well, it happened... And the game was played indoors in perfect conditions.
In 2006, we have the best team in the league against the Als. The Als have Anthony Calvillo (5 Grey Cup appearances, has been the MOP) not Marcus Crandell, a one game wonder. And, the Als are not overconfident coming into this game. Right now, I admit BC are the favorites; and they deserve to be. They earned it.
But, the Als, are a dark horse... Not an underdog.

34-10 Lions

34-10 Lions? You must be talking about the Detroit Lions this weekend Deb. Cause, there is no way the BC lions win by that much in the GC.

I could not have said it better. If BC becomes complacent, they may be in for a surprise.

im calling for an upset.

This game goes into overtime

34-28 Montreal, Robert Edwards scores the winning TD.

Robert Edwards is named MOP- 25 rushes, 155 yards, 2 TDs.

Ben Cahoon- Top canadian, 11 catches, 107 yards, 1 TD.

Don't see the Lions letting up in this game. And the only way we lose this game is if we become complacent. This team has shown it throughout the season they are the class of the league, and Sunday will be no different.

Lions win by 10.

Low scoring. Emphasis on defense.

BC 22
Montreal 18

I hope!

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