GREY CUP PREDICTION: Als will be in the big game

Aren't the Lions in last place?
Haven't they lost 2 straight?
Aren't they 1-3 on the road?
Haven't they given up 30 or more points in just about every game?

Wow 3 shots to make a yard and the leos are minus 8 yards...and he calls that luck. LOL!

If B.C. or Calgary represents the East in the Grey cup, the only way they'll fill Olympic Stadium in Montreal is for the Als to announce that they are planning to hold a referendum on Grey Cup Sunday to separate from the CFL and join the NFL as an independent team :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Your wrong. The place will be packed! Not to hard to find 60 000 Canadians to want to partee in Montreal on a GC weekend.

I think because of injuries the Riders will end up in the crossover situation. But the worse case would be BC, travel would kill them.

If the only way the Lions make the playoffs is by the piss-poor east division I will cry. I hate the crossover rule. Potentially the Lions could represent the east, but play the riders from the west? Sorry, but if you can't win in your division you shouldn't be representing the other division in the Grey Cup. Just my opinion.

Having said all that, if this team plays like it's supposed to, all of this won't be an issue.

I don't see the Lions finishing last in the West if Pierce can stay healthy.

I’m not huge on the cross over rule, but in a year like this one based upon how things have gone so far it only makes sense to allow the better team to qualify for the playoffs.

No matter the records it’s still very hard to win a playoff game in an opposing stadium.

What would be worse for the credibility of the CFL, a 4th place Western team with a record of 10-8 going to the Grey Cup game and winning it or for a 3-15 team (Bomber or Ti-Cat) to win the Grey Cup? Enough said.

I say it was luck because a team with one of the lowest turn over rates in the league fumbles 4 times (I don't count the ints obviously). If it wasn't for those fumbles we wouldn't have been in the position to need that last td. The game would have been well out of reach by that time. Big difference between squandering a lead and winning a game off fumbles, none of which were really caused by sloppy ball handing.

Again, not luck. Good teams force fumbles. We happened to force 4 against your Lions. WE did that. No luck involved. WE stopped your offense three consecutive times on the goal line. No luck involved. Look up the definition of ‘luck’ before you start spouting this nonsense. I gave full credit to YOUR team when you won the last time we met. Learn to take defeat like a man, not like a (edited - no name calling, please).

Base it on lack of coaching experience, the Als would of beat BC in Vancouver.

Don't post anything if you're gonna be a punk about losing, again.

Now, now girls. Both the Als and B.C. are flakey teams that are capable of both greatness and stupidity, as we saw last game.

The Lions have always been a funny car of a team without brakes or steering, while the Als consistently build teams that dominate in the first half of the season only to crack and bleed in the second half. Fridays' game was a mini-example of this.

The Als built a solid lead in the first half, only to watch it slip away in the second half. Meanwhile, the high octane B.C. offense was eating fried chicken in the huddle and puking beer on Molson field.

While entertaining, that was one of the most butt-ugly games of the season--neither team should be proud after a game like that. Montreal was lucky to win at home just as B.C. was lucky to win against the Als at B.C. Place a couple of weeks ago.

What game were you watching?

That "SOLID LEAD" was 5 points! BC taking over by 3 points is not exactly "watching it slip away"

The Lions stunk up the joint in the first half. They coughed up the ball like cheap beer (the Lions drink Minhas Creek beer on the sidelines, don't they?) and were only in the game b/c Montreal couldn't find the endzone.

Maybe it was only 5 points, but they way Montreal dominated in the first half, it was 4 points more than they should have needed.

The Als did stretch the lead in the 3rd quarter, requiring a monster comeback by the Lions and a monster choke on the part of the Als.

What are you crying about ryo? Your team won.

When did Mtl "Stretch the lead?

At the half it was
15-10 then
TD BC 15-17
TD MTL 22-17
TD BC 22-25 (2 point convert)
TD MTL 29-25
Single MTL 30-25

They never more than a 5 point lead so there was no stretching

IM not crying...Im pointing out the flaws in your logic :wink:

Whatever. The Als are still chokers and are about 50-50 to make the big game--you know it.

Like I said before, if the B.C. Lions end up representing the East in the Grey Cup, Montreal will have to hold a referendum on separation from the CFL to fill Olympic Stadium :rockin:

So in other words....You dont know what you are talking about!

And your separation comment makes no sense.....just like your post!

I still want to know how stopping the Lions THREE FRICKIN TIMES from the one-yard line constitutes luck. Please explain.

Lack of coaching experience is right. Then again you guys play in the east, where a .500 record gets you first place lol.

There was one play where you guys may have punched the ball out, other than that is was just bad luck. You guys lost to us due to bad coaching and because you always fall apart in the second half. We lost to you on crappy fumbles that shouldn't have happened. Everyone knows who is the better team.

I know my team has problems, but I find it hilarious that the first place team in the east is 1-1, and struggling to get that, against the last place team in the west.

The east is the west's whipping boy and always will be.

I didnt know that 6-3 was a .500 record......

Toronto 3-5
Hamilton 2-6
Winnipeg 2-7

For the slow people, a 4-4 record would get you first place in the east, see how that works?