GREY CUP PREDICTION: Als will be in the big game

The Als are once again the class of the East. Barring a complete Alouette disaster, I don't see anyone else in the East contending for a spot in the the Grey Cup game. The Ti-Cats really haven't improved from previous seasons. The Bombers, like the Ti-Cats, might not make the playoffs because of the Western team playoff crossover. And the Argos have failed to impress. Unlike their Eastern counterparts, the Als seem to be clicking now. Nobody has really been able to contain the Alouettes potent offensive attack. And they are finally learning to close out games. They have a commanding lead in the Eastern standings. Anything short of an Alouette Grey Cup appearance will be a serious shock.

I predict BC will represent the east and a crap shoot in the west but I like the Riders chances unless Calgary can get their act together.

I would like to see a crossover, and see B.C. and SSK in the Grey Cup, But i tink it will be Saskatchewan vs. Montreal in the Grey Cup.

I'm predicting Calgary and Montréal. I just think Calgary is going to really gel in the second half and put together a streak. They certainly have the talent and coaching to do it.

BC will cross over but lose to the Argos, who will lose to the Als.

Saskatchewan will finish second and lose to Edmonton, but the Esks will lose to Calgary.

...road win at Mosaic followed up by a road win at BC Place...I'd say that act is pretty much together now...

Choker has yet to win the big game. Is this the year????

...if it is I'm sure we won't hear any accolades from you...

I hate them, but I have a feeling the Argos will get their act together, go to the Grey Cup and maybe win it with Joseph as starting QB.

Crossover teams from the West have traditionally gone to Toronto to die a slow, agonizing death on the gridiron. This year it will be Calgary or B.C.'s turn.

TO also matches up very well defensively against Montreal.

If BC crosses over, they will be in the Grey Cup.

I don't see how you could say that BC will lose to the Argos. Argos have played mediocre football all year, and haven't played the Lions at all yet, so that is definetly not something you can call based on any facts.

Montreal won this last game on pure luck. Base it on performance, which is what it should be, and BC has beat them twice.

An all west Grey Cup would be fantastic imo.

I'm sure the folks in Montreal wouldn't share your opinion. If that happened, they might as well hold the game in that punk university stadium.

B.C. going to the GC from the East would be kind of bizarre.

There's plenty of season yet for the Argos to get it together.

If Stubler loses Tomorrow, Pinball will take over the coaching duties, and i wouldnt be surprised if the argos do turn it around if that happens

Right now by far and away the Als are a class of the East. Followed by the Cats at a distant second and my Argos wallowing with the the lowly BB.
Cross over from the West is more then a reality folks.

BC willcross over in the East to get to the cup. The west is still a crap shoot, but I believe that Calgary has the shot at winning that side especially if get a home field advantage.

LOL! BC is 1-3 on the road, just lost in Montreal and peeps think that after playing on the road in Calgary in week 19 they would travel to Ontario, beat one of the Ontario teams then go Home then travel for a 3rd consecutive week beat Montreal travel back to BC come back to MOntreal for the GC


BC better aim for 3rd in their division…

...or buy a bunch of condos in Montreal...

It would be nice for tha Al's to be in the Grey Cup at home, and so far things are looking good for them. It couldn't hurt things for the league either. Cross over teams usually stugle in the playoffs, due to the distance from home creating a very tough atmosphere. As a Rider fan I think the (surprise!)

LOL! Don't want to do that...after they see the difference in rent none of them would want to leave

Oh right, and your last-second win against Montreal in B.C. on a McCallum field goal, after we squandered a big lead in the fourth quarter, that was totally earned. :smiley: :roll: :roll:

How you have the nerve to say my Als won on luck when the refs gave your team THREE CHANCES from the one-yard line is beyond me.

Base it on whatever you like.....But the Lions did not perform well enough to score more points than Montreal and its points that count!