Grey Cup post CFL-XFL "merger"

I think they just want it settled whichever way . They want relief .

I Love the CFL and I would love they stepped back and went with a
pure CDN version top to bottom and received the protection needed within that sphere OUR game should receive but it requires CDN's playing the game from child to adult .

I am good watching games in 15 k stadiums in smaller cities .

The more I see today's Canada and our erosion of who we are I don't see a point anymore . Covid and how we reacted has me disappointed in who we are as a people .

Unable to react properly to real threats with the virus at the border points but attacking people for buying underwear at Walmart has me wondering where the heck did we get this so screwed up .

If all we are is universal health care , hockey and maple syrup maybe it's time we rethink of who really are as I for the first time in my entire life rethinking Canada's ideals and reverence for our history our heritage of making a life in one cold ass country .

Live content is the only stuff networks can make advertizing money on and it is very finite and difficult to come by.

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Ratings were doing fine in 2019. I believe ratings for 2021 will surpass the 2019 figures.

The CFL should sell ads on their helmets, jerseys and pants. utilize gaming partnerships with regional casinos for sport lounges to make up the gap from mainstream advertisers.

Bieber wasn't booed because of the age of the crowd, He was booed because of his teeny-bopper image. Bieber hasn't branched out as a mature artist, He still sing songs in the style as he did when he was younger. Bieber has to realize he is married and ain't the target of affection of teenage girls anymore. George Michael broke away from his teen idol image. Bieber is a talented and should do likewise

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Sorry, but small time thinking will not solve the problem. A nine team league (in its present format) is not sustainable regardless how many ads they post on fields and bodies. At some point they either need to shrink the league or grow the league.

Regardless what they do, I will continue to support the league... but my fear is baby steps like this will leave me with nothing to support.

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Why would additional ads on jerseys, helmets and pants be small time?
Teams in NHL have sponsors on their helmets, ie Flames, I believe, Scotiabank.
Not on Jerseys, but the NHL has sponsor names on each division.
Would Premier League be considered small time? Their jerseys are literally one big ad are they not?


Not a big fan advertising on jerseys myself.

Ok maybe a small patch on the shoulder area.

As long as it’s not Spengler Cup crazy.

Because the league is not going to make $20-30 million dollars a year selling jersey ads (in Canada). Even if they could, that would only bring the league to break even at best (pre-pandemic).

Now, compare the TV ratings, number of games, image, and popularity of the Premier league to the CFL. Jersey ads would be small potatoes here - and would probably do more harm (image wise) than good.

It's like saying "if newspapers could only sell more ads their problems would go away". The world of sports and entertainment has moved on. Its time for the CFL to tap into new monetization steams or they will die.

Yep . Just a little tad over the top . The players are virtually walking talking billboards . :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

The Al’s did that with VICE.
I really disliked that, not because of the advertising, but because VICE can be very logically challenged at bad, some of their shows are good. I’m not against it if it’s not too loud to take away from the uniform.

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Jersey advertising isn't suppose to be a primary revenue source. It's actually a supplementary option. It adds up in the bottom line of the ledger.

Well give us your nuggets of brilliance to tap into new monetization so the CFL won't die?

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I LOVE Vice. It's informative. You must be a FOX NEWS dude

Some kinda dude. I actually know two of Vice’s founders. Friends of mine.
Ironically, one of them went on to become a sometimes Fox contributor. I remember when it was a nothing mag. But it was very hip. It didn’t take long to take off. I even submitted a couple of articles. Never published though. They weren’t good at all. Dumb young punks the lot of us.

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They film great documentaries. I love the wrestling series "The Dark Side of Wrestling". It's better informative than the A&E wrestling bios that they are currently airing, even though I loved the Roddy Piper episode.


Some of their stuff is very good...the film guide and a cooking show. I just find their political docs are done self-servingly, not as an expose.
They think they’re so cool with their shirts and bongos and vaper machines and such. Those guys were two of the funniest people I ever met though.
Check out Gavin McInnes on you tube.

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My thoughts? Although not a popular opinion around here, I honestly believe the league's only saviour is talking to the XFL. Essentially they need to blow up the league and start from scratch. Single ownership (eventually leading to MLS type ownership?), spring season, 4 downs, US based teams.

^^ Note: this is coming from a 50 year CFL season ticket holder who has attended 30 Grey Cups, LOVES the CFL and three down football, doesn't follow the NFL... but I'm also a realist.

Regrettably, I just don't think the CFL is sustainable anymore (as is). There are not enough of us "old guys" to keep filling the troughs. We are no longer the key demographic - so TV contracts will NOT grow (substantially) in Canada - everyone who says the CFL is "giving away" the TV rights to TSN is delusional. The league is receiving "market value" based on the size of the Canadian market, the demographic of our viewers, and lack of interest from competing broadcasters. But we're not alone... look at MLB TV contracts in the states - they are expected to shrink by $150MM per year at the end of the existing contract for the same reason.

Problem 1: If something doesn't change the Argos and Als will be gone (to the XFL??). The Argos have been losing money for 30 years - MLSE gambled that a move to BMO would save the team but it clearly hasn't helped (in fairness, MLSE has done shit to promote the team - which doesn't help). Regardless, moving the Argos to a US based four down spring league is much more appealing to MLSE than staying in a three down Canadian fall league. Honestly, could a spring team do any worse than they are now? Probably not. Plus, moving to the spring opens up the opportunity for the "dream" of NFL coming to Toronto in the fall (I'm not saying that will happen, but MLSE might think there is a chance?).

Could MLSE sell the Argos to a new buyer (interested in staying in the CFL) and just add an expansion team to the XFL? Sure, but any potential Argos buyer will say "if MLSE can't make it how the hell can I?" So, the bottom line, if MLSE ever gets sick of losing money on the CFL Argos, who in their right mind would ever buy the team? No one. Plus, Rogers and MLSE control all the stadiums in Toronto. And the Als will go wherever MLSE goes.

Problem #2: David Braley's estate owns the Lions and they're funded (in the will reportedly) for three years (pre-covid). Based on the uncertainty of the Argos situation above, who would consider buying the Lions as a CFL team (especially with uncertainty of Toronto and Montreal based teams)? Now, someone might be interested in a Vancouver based XFL team if Toronto and Montreal move???

Without Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver the league is dead as we know it. Next, private owners in Calgary, Ottawa, and Hamilton would try to save their investments by joining the XFL. The community owned teams???

Problem #3: The US fans will not support three down ball (not to mention US stadiums won't support a 150 x 65 yard field). The thought three down football might remain part of a merged league is nothing more than wishful thinking (many Canadians even prefer four downs).

Problem #4: Gambling. Many look at gambling as a saviour for the league. Here's the problem with that. If you continue to play in the fall, "existing gamblers" will continue to bet on the NFL - that's what they know. Yes, you might pick up a few die hard CFL fans but we already know there aren't enough of us. No one who isn't already following the CFL is going to start betting on a league they don't already have interest in. And don't kid yourself... the CFL is not the only league with ambitions to grow gambling. The NFL marketing machine just partnered with Caesers and DraftKings - they are going to follow what the XFL did in 2020 and hit this one hard. Plus, betting on a 9 team league isn't the same as betting on 20+ team leagues. Now, a combined XFL / CFL playing in the spring?? You'd have a captive audience of football gamblers with no NFL (or US college) competition.

Bottom line, I have no "nuggets of brilliance" to save the existing CFL and no, uniform patches won't do it either. Regrettably, at the end of the day the CFL is already dead as we know it. The league needs to grow or shrink (and there is no way for them to significantly grow revenue in Canada). So, without international expansion, they need to (significantly) cut expenses and become a true coast to coast Canadian (minor pro) league. They could expand to smaller markets (and much smaller stadiums) in Kelowna, London, Moncton, etc.

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Except when Baltimore won.

If the CFL is going to fold as you're predicting then enjoy what could be their final season.

Changing to a spring season and rules effectively ends Canadian Football overall.

Starting over small won't bring it back.

Need new leadership, better owners instead of caretakers and an actual belief in Canadian Football.

I am 48 and I haven't given up yet.


Yes, although thankfully I was only 2 at the time, and did not yet hold strong opinions on sports and nationalism. Hopefully it never has to happen again.

Fair enough.
I liked it a lot when the CFL included US teams.