Grey Cup post CFL-XFL "merger"

Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself here. But, I'm wondering what others' thoughts are re the future of the Grey Cup in a post CFL-XFL merger world.

Should the Grey Cup be the Canadian championship? Then, have the GC champ play the "XFL" champion?

Or, should the Canadian champion play the "XFL" champion for the Grey Cup?

The more I think about it, the more I like the proposal I saw (from Football Canada?) of a split season where the CFL and XFL played ten games each in the spring followed by a playoff series and a fall CFL season followed by the Grey Cup playoffs.

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The Grey Cup should be the overall champion. You don't use a 100 year old trophy as a consolation prize.

Could you imagine the Stanley Cup being the Eastern Conference championship?


NO! The Grey Cup is for the football championship of Canada (period). It has it engraved on the cup itself. No way should it be the championship trophy of the XFL, even if it has some Canadian teams. No way Americans would care for the Grey Cup, with it's old fashioned handles and engraving (Which does say, "For the Rugby Football Championship of Canada). So why sully our trophy? And before anyone brings up the American expansion period, those teams were in the CFL, playing Canadian rules, so quite a big difference considering the it sounds like the XFL rules would be some sort of hybrid American game (with 4 downs and some Canadian-esque rules thrown in for a difference).
The fact remains that the CFL doesn't doesn't have control over the GC, as it is officially the Canadian Football Hall of Fame which does. They don't have to turn it over to the CFL/XFL if there is a large outcry over the cup being played for the XFL championship. Who knows, the whole thing might even go to court. Who knows.
I for one don't want to see it used for the XFL/CFL hybrid league. The league winner should call themselves World Champions of their game (Yanks really love that kind of stuff). Leave the GC for Canadians to play for. Even if it goes back to strictly non-pro teams playing for the title (as was the original situation).
Just my 5cents (no more pennies).


The Grey Cup. The Stanley Cup. They seem to have more of a mystique than the Lombardi or whatever baseball’s trophy is called. No disrespect intended ....all these athletes strive to reach championship glory.
The Grey Cup can never be anything but what it is. Anything less is treasonous in my eyes.

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The CFHOF is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CFL. The Grey Cup is entirely in the control of the CFL.

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“Never half-ass two things....whole -ass one thing.”

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As I stated before, I can see lawsuits happening to try and stop the CFL from using the GC as the championship trophy of the XFL (playing some hybrid rules based on American football with a few Canadian FB rules thrown in).
I'd rather see the GC go back to it's original purpose, to be the trophy for the game played to determine the top amateur football team in Canada.

If it's going to be a new league , unlikely at the moment, then a trophy should be commissioned. Call it the Amateur Football Playoff.

Are you happy that the cup intended for the national champions of Canada hasn't been held in this country for an entire generation? Do you want to see the same thing happen to our football cup, only this time have be even less of a big deal in the US since they already have their own bigger championship?

The Grey Cup is for Canada. Period.

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If that happens I Hope the Vanier then becomes CDN Junior Champions and the Grey Cup then is played by U sports .

I just want to see football, I don't care if it's won by a Canadian based CFL team where the majority of starters are Americans and the best players are Americans with some token Canadians.
A Canadian team won the NBA Championship !! A Canadian team won the MLS Championship not too long ago. No not many Canadians on the teams, but they are Canadian based teams with Canadian fans, Canadian owners.
This is not the Olympics, it professional sports


I didn't say a single thing about the players.

I want to see the team representing my city, compete against other cities in my country.

This is not the Olympics, this is the national football championship.

If I cared who was winning football championships in other countries, I would watch their national competition. But I don't.


One thing to remember is that originally the GC was administered by the CRU. That was the case even into the 1960s when the CFL was able to gain control. The CRU later changed it's name to Football Canada. I think that if the CFL were to join with the XFL (changing the rules, size of the field, etc.) then the GC should go back to be administered by Football Canada. They could organise a national tourney featuring the top amateur team from each province (or however many provinces have competitive amateur football) to find a national champion. The winner would be crowned Grey Cup Champions. THAT would be truer to the original intent of the trophy.

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Any changes to the Canadian rules will end Canadian Football as we know it.

Not sure about yourself but I like choices. If one is taken away why would I support it's replacement.


Agree 100%


I like choices too but the point is, if the CFL goes under because of a lack of funding then I would watch or support it's replacement, even if it had different rules.
That IS a choice. A choice between no football or a CFL-XFL partnership/merger whatever it is.

I like my CFL just fine as is.

It's like having scotch neat. No water needed.

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Yes me too, but you are missing the point. What happens if the CFL can not continue because of a lack of financing?

They will disappear as they should because of the incompetence of the owners and leaders of the league not because of the rules.

If you like American rules , you can watch the NFL and NCAA. Why would you watch an American version of the CFL. It won't be called the CFL would it.