Grey Cup Pondoring

Last July, after only a few games, I had a strong feeling that Ottawa was going to win the Grey Cup. I told my husband & even wrote it in my day book as proof of what I said. It seems as if my "prediction"might very well happen; it only takes a few screwed up calls against which ever Western team is Ottawa's opponent. We all know that the officials can influence the outcome of a game.

Any thoughts on this????

I'm torn on this one. I want to see an Eastern Team in the Grey Cup, but not sure that I want it to be Ottawa, and most definitely do not want to see old Henry spouting off about his wonderfulness before, during, or after the game. Win or lose. So maybe if Ottawa were to win, but Henry not be able to play?

I would imagine the league is hoping for an Ottawa EF win to boost attendance for the GC, rather than two Western teams. But having said that, I was at the Toronto GC when Winnipeg played Saskatchewan, and there was lots of buzz, and lots and lots of green, of course. We talked to a few Rider fans and they all booked and came at the last minute, so probably if it is an all Alberta Grey Cup, we would see the same thing? Calgary and Edmonton fans of course, plus those who just like going to the Grey Cup, as a tradition.

I guess I still like the East-West rivalry of the Cup, and although I understand the league doing the cross-over, I wonder if they ever thought it would really happen. I think an all West Cup will hurt the ratings, although probably not the gate, and will probably hurt the "spin-off" dollars on the associated events. I also think if we ever see an Eastern team cross over to the West, that would be the end of the cross-over era.

So after all that balarny - I am thinking Edmonton wins on Sunday, and we will see an all Alberta Grey Cup, with Edmonton squeaking out a win over Bo Levi and the Stamps.

I have two tickets to the Grey Cup, I fly into Toronto from Edmonton tomorrow. I am really thinking if it turns out to be two west teams in The Big Show, I may not even go. It will be as bad as when Baltimore won the Grey Cup.

Whoever shows up against Calgary -Good luck!
I’d laugh if there is a Western Final !
On the other hand I’d like to see Burris win a Grey Cup too.

That makes two of you!

:thup: :thup: Love it!

Calgary has been getting healthy and chilled for weeks now. I still think they'll win it all. Anything can happen but I hope it's Ottawa and Calgary. We've had some strange shite over the years so you never know but I want Edmonton out this week.

We'll be there for the party starting Thursday but I'm not going to the game. My wife might if her Stamps are in.

I have such a hard time with Ottawa- they're exciting, have a really cool brand/ look that's modern yet references the old Riders (even if the name is a little silly), a sweet newly renovated stadium in a great area and tons of noisy fans. I want to like them...

But goddamn if they don't just keep pissing me off when we play football against them! Toronto is the ancient enemy and Montreal is easy to hate, but it's those damn RedBlacks that we keep running into late in the season and the playoff game last year :x

I hear yah. I've developed a bit of a hate for them as well when the Argos play them but holy crap for a town in which people said football would never work, it's working.

I haven't liked Ottawa ever since Marcel Desjardins became the gm. :?

For the first time in CFL history...
Edmonton vs Lions in the Cup..."2 western teams".
If anyone can knock-off Calgary the Lions can...
And I hate Ottawa almost as much as the BlowTeam, so I can not cheer for them.
We all know our Cats should have been playing on Sunday.
Next year they will be...
With a much better chance to win the prize.
I suppose even as much as it still pisses me off about the Command Centre bullshit.
Our guys had too many on the injured list this year.
I would have hated to go into the Cup, with so many not playing.
Simple truth.

Whoever Orridge, Ireland, Harbin, and Proulx rig to be in th Grey Cup will be in the game. I won't be watching. The NFL should have a couple nice games on between teams w 3-9 and 4-8 records that will be more credible to watch.
Truth hurts!

Can't stand rooting for divisional rivals. Rooting for our kitty cousins out west from here on out!


I have been pondering your "pondoring" post...and have to disagree.
Calgary has so much depth and skill in all areas that I don't think they will need any outside help from the refs to win. Calgary's 15-2-1 season says it all.
However I will still be cheering for Ottawa...I like underdogs. :slight_smile:

Loved Ottawas running game and depth at running back when Modu went down with an injury.
The running game really helped Edmonton win over TiCats.
The running game was very effective for the R & B’s .
I have to conclude the running game was not effective for us because of our Offensive Lines lack of size or was it the plays that were designed to succeed for RB’s using receivers blocking effectively ,anyway I am envious of CFL teams with a running game that can take control of a game.
We may have had the 6th best rushing totals but we sure never seemed in control of a game because of the running game.
Only injury can stop the Stamps Sunday IN THE grey Cup.

“Only injury can stop the Stamps Sunday IN THE grey Cup.”.

Wasn’t it Leo Cahill who once said: “Only an act of God can stop the Argos”?

I would say the same for the Stamps.

BTW - if Management is reading this - let’s suppose the Cats would have beaten Edmonton. Now, the Cats Vs. Ottawa.
Given the same weather conditions, I would say the Cats would have been killed.
With that weather, you need a running game. Ottawa had it; the Cats would not.
When will the Ticat brass begin to understand this concept?
The Eagle… :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Two weeks in a row the winning team had a runner go about 160 yards. Last week it was perfect conditions, this week it was terrible.

What happened to White? Bad footwear? Running game only effective when the RB can run.

Ottawa had a pretty solid game passing.

In terms of what the Cats need/lack I'd suggest with just about any other O-Line in the league the Cats would be in the Cup. Can you imagine the Cats with Calgary's O-Line?

I say Ottawa will win cause Calgary touched their trophy!! Yes, I'm very superstitious :smiley:

GreatAgain: I have a truth that hurts too.
Any CFL fan who chooses the NFL over the annual Grey Cup game is not worthy of being called a CFL fan.
Just so there are no surprises…NFL officials make mistakes too. I think our Control Centre is every bit as effective as the NFL’s review system.