Grey Cup Poll : who wins ? by how much ?

Okay folks it's prediction time for the 103rd Grey Cup between the Eastern Champion REDBLACKS and the Western Champion Eskimos. So the poll quite simply is who you think will win and by how much ? It's the Grey Cup game, the Grand Finale to the season !!! So let's have some fun with it and just see what everybody thinks will happen on Sunday :thup: :smiley:

I'll start it off with my prediction....Eskimos by 14 or more , as much as I would like to see the good fans of Ottawa win this game I realistically can't see it happening. The Eskimos won both regular season games by a combined score of 69-29 and I'll split this in two as best I can and say the Eskimos roll to the 103rd Grey score.....Edmonton-35..Ottawa-15.

I voted 7-10 pts. for Edmonton, I'd like to see Ottawa beat Edmonton though.

Ottawa - 19
Eskimos - 29

I think you will be surprised Bobo. I am biased on this one and I'll be cheering for Ottawa. Both teams have excellent QBs but after watching how Calgary [depleted roster and all] were mounting a come back against Edmonton this past weekend I'm not betting that Edmonton will win the Grey Cup.
Yes, Edmonton beat Ottawa in both regular season meetings but that was very early in the season. I think Ottawa is the stronger team and is playing at the top of its game. All things being equal [no key injuries during the game] I like Ottawa's chances.

Edmonton by 10-14.

Game will be out of reach for Ottawaaah by halftime .

Hmmm… I like a guy who puts it on the line. :thup: And what will be your acceptance speech if you are proven right? :wink:

No acceptance speech whether I'm right or wrong :lol:

Interesting results so far in this poll although it's still early in the week but as it stands right now the Eskimos are out in front by an 11-4 margin in voting as the team that brings home the Cup this year.But as we all know though that could change real fast between now and kickoff on Sunday. 8) Keep voting people , keep sending in those predictions cause I think the results are going to get more interesting as the week goes by. :thup:

Honestly I think the best thing that could have happened for the Eskimos on Sunday was " never take your foot off the gas " they started to celebrate way to early, lesson learned . It was more of Edmonton letting Calgary back into the game than Calgary getting back into the game.

Burris is hungry this year. Ottawa by 4 and Burris retires.

cheering for Ottawa, but will be happy if either burris or reilly is game mvp

Lets hope he retires, he's had a decent career, but I am now so tired of the one sided whining!

If anyone is a betting person the current Vegas line spread on the game is Edmonton -6.5 and the over/under is currently sitting at 50.5 pts. I imagine both lines will change as the game draws nearer. So far the bettors are backing the Eskimos to win and cover the spread by a 61 % margin with 39% backing the REDBLACKS.
The over/under could trend down if the weather takes a turn for the worst closer to game time but at the moment the weather forecast for Sunday in the Peg calls for around -8 to -9 degrees with no anticipated precipitation and Sunny skies on game day.

Ottawa wins by two major fouls and a pass interference penalty.

I will go for OTT. Upsets happen.

Need to see the 76 drought end.
Need to see Hank get 1 more ring.

An ESK LOSS is just as good as a STAMPS WIN.

I will remind everyone that the 2014 Stamps were a better team compared to this 2015 Esks squad.
The 2014 GC was to be done by half time.

I like how a team that leads the CFL in sacks and has 4 1000+ receivers is given no chance.

Perhaps those 2 wins by the Esks will just be a good lesson that Ott will appreciate. :wink:

GO REDBLACKS GO :smiley: :thup:

Yup upsets do happen indeed, you being a Stamp fan should know that all to well. All one has to do is look back to the 2012 Grey Cup when a very average mediocre Argo team upset a vastly superior Stamp squad that season to somehow win the Cup in front of the hometown crowd. Now about this year's Cup I have to admit I'm a little torn between seeing the good fans of Ottawa finally getting their long overdue Cup victory but the problem is that I don't want to see Hanky hoisting that thing over his head along with that shrimp Williams as well. I think that " Bad " Hank will finally make an appearance this season much like he did in the 2013 Cup and the Eskimos Defense will eat him alive and spit out his bones. :slight_smile: :thup:

It is just that Hank is a former Stamp and was well loved and respected. He was not just a great player but a person as well.
During the off season nobody did more community work that Hank. Mostly with kids.
Many other former Stamps in Ott has been crowned STAMPEDERS WEST by Stamps radio.

I must be missing something. Only 7 of 26 votes [as of November 25/15] think Ottawa will win the Grey Cup. That's only about 25% pro Ottawa. Yikes. I really believe Ottawa is better than that but maybe I am way off base. Hmmm….

It is a little surprising to me as well that there's not a lot of Love or votes for that matter for those REDBLACKS at this stage.
As Beagle stated so far the Eskimos lead by a 75% to 25% margin in this poll with the majority of votes (14) calling for an Eskimo victory by at least 10 pts or more. I've already stated that I'm in the majority with my prediction of an Eskimo victory by 20 pts......35-15 final but I honestly thought that the voting would be a lot closer and not so one sided for one team or the other but ya never know it could all change before now and kickoff on Sunday. :slight_smile: