Grey Cup Pictures

I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread with Grey Cup pictures.
Here are some of mine that I'd thought Ticat fans would enjoy.
Post some of yours!

[b]Grey Cup legends - Ethel and Pat

Pat does an AWESOME job interviewing Darren Flutie on local cable TV!

I sat beside long time CFLer and former Ticat Miles Gorrell at the Legends Breakfast and snapped this pic of him later in the day at Tigertown.

The Winnipeg Police Pipe Band at Tigertown. Powerful stuff in a fairly small room!

Box J Boys!

I tried in vain to cover up Tigger's offensive hat.

Highlight of the trip for me? ...Riding in a school bus beside Peter Jordan and Tom Cochrane.

Woody and Tigger

The view from my seats[/b]

Great pics Tucky!! Any chance you got a shot of General Taylor?? :smiley:

Or how 'bout any pictures of Kanga from the 13thMan event on the Friday?

Your wishes are my commands!

[b]Here's a shot of "General Taylor"

This is "Kanga-Kucha" with the Cup. Photo courtesy of BBBob from[/b]

Thanks Tucky I knew I could count on you. What a great pic of my GT!! :smiley:

Great pictures Tuck! BTW, you looked great on TV at the Parade on Sat. You did manage to get tickets to the game, didn't you?

Thanks cattmann77, but I don't think it's possible for me to look good on TV. My joke was that when the cameraman first approached me I asked him to get "my good side", and he circled me 3 times and then said I didn't have one! :lol:

The interview at the parade was a follow-up to a Peter Jordan documentary on CFL fans that aired on Saturday. (Box J Boys represented Hamilton) They followed it up again with an interview during the pre-game show.

I was pretty ticked that I had missed tix on ebay that were aisles in the 5th row that went for $260 for the pair, and they were right on the 50 yard line. I thought I had bid it higher, but obviously hadn't. (I was at the Legends Breakfast when the auction ended)

After the pre-game interview, I was milling about and just about go do some serious scalper hunting, when my cousin got a call on his cell from his wife. They'd just announced on CBC that they had found us tickets, gratis. It took us about 10 minutes to find Peter Jordan again, but we did, and he gave us the tickets. As you see in my pic they weren't bad at all!!! So it all worked out very well from my point of view, thx for asking!

hey ethel and Pat I have a nice picture for you but i dont have a scanner so it will have to wait till later!

Here are some more pictures.

[b]Peter Jordan fronts a darn good rock band, "Rocki Rolletti"

Woody with David Braley

Woody with Tom Wright (probably NOT in the same room as David Braley)

Tom Wright in the parade with the Cup (in one piece)

Manitoba's Premier Gary Doer with a couple of the Montreal Cheerleaders.

At the post game party - Argo fans mixing with respectful fans from other teams (that share toasts, rather than the finger).:twisted:


Only one thing Tuck, That is a Eskie Fan :wink:

Yeah, I thought that was too good to be true. I've edited the caption. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will remember that, at the next tailgate, I will just have to leave those cigars at home :wink: