I took Montreal at 5-1, any other gambling men on here lay down cash? Who did you take and what did you get for odds?

I'd be interested in finding out just how often the pre-season "favourite" actually went on to win the Cup. I'm guessing you'd probably have as much success in picking the winner at this stage by throwing darts at a board with all the teams' names on it.

You have a 1 in 8 chance of being right.

Dave, thats why they call it GAMBLING, its not an exact science, but like the poster after you said, you got a 1 in 8 chance. I've never done a Grey Cup Champ bet but you never get ridiculous odds like 20-1 or something like that, cuz 6 of the 8 teams make the playoffs.

the stamps have looked impressive.... they might be able to race with the lions for top spot in the west.

if i were to bet on who will win the grey cup, id be tempted to pick them right now...especially cuz, if burris stinks it up, they can use smith, whos looked real good.

Judging on how Burris played last night, it will be an interesting race in the West this year. Yes Smith had 3 TD passes but that was after the Riders took out most of their starters on defence. Calgary still had a lot of their starters in, which is why they got those 3 TDs. IMO, there will definitely be a QB controversy in Cowtown this year.

Gambling odds and chance of winning are not calculated the same.( I know that sounds funny but...)

I found odds on the 2008 Superbowl and with 32 teams, the odds run from 5-1 for New England and 125-1 for the Raiders

:? Did I say it was? :?

I was simply stating that I'd be interested in finding out just how often the pre-season "favourite" actually went on to win the Cup. I'm guessing you'd probably have as much success in picking the winner at this stage by throwing darts at a board with all the teams' names on it.

I never made any statements about gambling, or about those who are silly enough to put money on the Grey Cup game before the pre-season is even over.

Dave, I wasn’t trying to insult your intelligence, my comment, Thats why they call it GAMBLING, is just one I use so often that I don’t expect to insult anyone with it, cuz, I do realize that to most people, gambling in and about itself is not a very rational thing to take part in. I however enjoy it, and, since this is the first time I’ve put money down on a team to win the GREY CUP, before the season starts, I can only hope I hav as much success with the GREY CUP as I have making that bet for the Superbowl, I jumped on my Pats before the season began for their 2nd superbowl run, which was also their 1st of the back to back, and have taken them every year since, so I’m 2-2, and had they held on against Indy last year I’m sure I’d be 3-1, the best year was when they beat Philly, I had a total of $500 to win around $3700, I forget exactly, cuz it was 2 bets of $250 each with different odds, and then I put $1000 on Philly +7.5, which is what those of us silly enough to gamble call middleing, cuz the Pats won by 3 which is all I needed and Philly lost by less than 7 it was beautiful

Dave I was wondering that myself. You did not mention anything about gambling just that you would like to know how many teams won their preseason games webt on to win the cup. Yes it would be difficult to predict the GC champion from preseason no doubt.

No doubt the potential winnings would be great, though; especially if you pick an “underdog” team (like say the Ticats :wink:) and they surprise everyone with a victory.

Sometimes teams thrive on being an under dog flying under the radar. I know the Tigercats suprised the Stamps last year. And Ithink the Tiger cats have improved that much more. Last year it seemed the TCats would lose by two to three points no stinkers if I remember right. So I think once the team settles down with the talent and puts it together the team will be very good. Firing the coach early did not help that process for sure. I like the new coach he is the guy that will be the glue for the talent on this team.

The Lions looked stacked on paper but are they hungry this year?
-calgary could go either way - bust apart at the seams based on qb controversy or do well

  • Edmonton's offence is very strong- will the rest of their game cut it??

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders are the enigma - could surprise the lot of them in the west.

  • Are the Als too old???

  • Argos have to determine their qb situation and dear old Damon should do the right thing and move aside for younger players.

  • Winnipeg could be a disaster this year!

  • Hamilton will rebound and be competitive I predict.

West = Riders East = Toronto in Grey Cup
Winners = Saskatchewan Roughriders!!!!!!!!!!

Should be a great season with lots of twists and turns as usual. Will injuries to key players be a factor(e.g. dickenson in BC healthy for an entire season?? Ricky Ray goes down and Esks are toast, same with Montreal if Anthony C. goes down)
NFL cuts - will they be a factor this year for any team???

Refereeing??? Will Matt Dunigan be called from the booth to ref all Friday night games and do colour commentary at the same time?? Interesting concept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cheers guys and gals - should be fun and best of luck to all teams and their fans. I sincerely hope no one gets disappointed in their teams and the league has good parity. I am pumped. CFL Rocks!!

*Been hearing that for years!