Grey Cup party games?

Hi. I am hosting a grey cup party and looking for any games or activities to use at the party.

everyone sits down and watches the game. best one there is :wink:

Here's a game:

When Rod Black makes a stupid comment, everyone drinks 1 shot of whiskey! You'll be tanked by the end of the first quarter....

  1. Have contestants put a potato chip on their forehead. The first one to get the chip into their mouth without using their hands wins.

  2. Have a putting contest.

  3. A ping pong ball bounce contest where you have to bounce a ball and have it land and stick on a slice of bread ten feet away.

  4. Do the ol' beer bottle top field goal flip. One play makes up rights with his hands/fingers, while the other flips a top with his thumbs and tries to get a field goal.

There's all kinds of stuff you can do. I"m sure a google search would turn up dozens.

grey cup bingo is always a favorite at my parties.

simply replace the B-3's with stuff like; chip cox takes a penalty. spot a tim hortons commercial. lulay throws an INT.
winner gets a prize.

this allows guests to watch the game while playing a game.

another i do, is, have guests draw out of a hat scenarios that can earn them a prize. example: whitaker rushes for 100 yards. or geroy simon has a 100 yard receiving. or blocked punt.

stuff that won't happen in the opening QTR, so again, attention to the whole game must be given, and guests with no allegiance to a particular team finds themselves rooting for a team or player for the night.

i usually give those canada mitts or scarffs as prizes. the ones from the bay. mitts are only $10 and scarffs are $20. so they make for quality prizes anyone would want without breaking the bank.

by the way, using my ideas costs a

  1. If you're a generous host, if at any point in the broadcast you hear the magic Glen Suitor phrase...."See ya, wouldn't want to be ya," everyone gets a Tim Hortons gift certificate (lol, have them ready to hand out!).

  2. Every guest has to guess the number of times "Dave Thomas's" daughter appears in a Wendy's commercial from kick-off to final gun. Have a "Wendy's" gift certificate to hand out to the winner. Over/under is 5 :wink:

We played this online game last superbowl at a party. You submit your prop picks along with all your buddies and then it keeps track of your score for you. It was super easy and alot of fun. is the web site. You should try it.

Hmmm, methinks "paulman" and "football babe" are in cahoots. She's shilling for him. :?

Saw the exact same posts on another site. I might have been born at night, but I wasn't born "last night." :stuck_out_tongue: