Grey Cup Parties

I don't live in a CFL team city so i'm not aware if this occurs but does the CFL or one of its sponsors throw Grey Cup parties similar to the Bud Light Super Bowl Parties? If not, why not?

Doesn't seem like it would take much to do - pay some rent for a small arena/convention centre, get some movie theatre style screens, get a beer and snack sponsor, put up a few displays, maybe bring in some team cheerleaders and put together a few free giveaways and you have yourself a great win to get in spot to go enjoy the Grey Cup.

But once again, I'd like to think the CFL has considered this and that it isn't happening because of a cost evaluation that says it isn't a profitable/break even thing to do. Just seems like a great way for CFL fans to come together and have a good time while introducing the game to others who wouoldn't watch other than that they have a free ticket for free drinks/food/prizes.

If you have ever been to a Grey Cup and spent a weekend in that city, you would find that there are lots of different events that support the GC. I have been to several GCs in Vancouver and to one in The Peg - remember Flutie and the Rocket versus Danny Barrett? (Minus 28 degrees C - and that was with no wind)

If you are in the GC city, there are usually lots of things to do that have to do with the celebration. Or at least that has been my experience

There are many parties all around, In Toronto last year they rented out the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and most major rooms were being used for something, TigerTown, Riderville, B.C Lions Den, Atlantic Schooners, Spirit of Edmonton was being run in a different hotel.
There was also major parties in the big hall, The cheer leaders from all teams were on stage as well as touring the various parties and there was more than a few giveaways.
They had 3 stages, One in the MTC, one on front street and one on just outside Rogers Centre,

There is many people who just goto the GreyCup city for the parties and a good time, and don't even goto the game. I would highly suggest just checking it out.

Also goto the GreyCup website, you can see whats going on

Sorry, i should have clarified what i said.

I understand that city where the Grey Cup is held is party central for a week straight with bands and parties and the like. What i meant to say is why do something similar but on a smaller scale, in cities across Canada that aren't the Grey Cup host.

When I lived in St. John's in 2001 there was a BudLight super bowl party there. People had to win to get in and were entertained (12 of the Carolina Pather cheerleaders did a half time routine), they were given free snack food and a couple free drinks, there Superbowl Triva giveaways all night, and most importantly there were 2 large projection screens showing the game.

I always thought that would be a great way to hyped the Grey Cup to those who wouldn't regularly watch it and great way to show peopel tht the CFL game itself is a better product than the NFL in terms of interesting, high scoring games.

So why not have Grey Cup Parties in St. Johns, Halifax, Charlottetown, Moncton, QC, Ottawa, TO, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Reg, Sask, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver or whereever and give people a great ngiht to enjoy some football.

The problem with that is budget and sponsorship. Regular sports bars across the country are not exactly "Filled" on GreyCup weekend. So why would a company invest on giveaways and bar promotions? It all starts somewhere though, why not on GreyCup night goto a local bar with a bunch of friends and demand to watch it on the projector screens, scream when your team scores. (or any team), and even suggest to bar owners to hold a GreyCup party.

It's not the NFL that hosts those Superbowl parties anyways, It's usually the bar owners with help from beer company's.

Anyone know what group is playing at the Maxim party this year? I think Blue Rodeo was playing last year. Very steep price but if my wife's other husband, if you will, David Usher is playing, I'll have to get tickets to this one.