Grey Cup Parade?

Is Toronto hosting a Grey Cup Parade for the 100th Grey Cup?

I thought about this myself and I can't find anything about a parade. I remember when Toronto had fantastic GC parades. They rivaled the Santa Claus parade and help make me a fan. Last time there was a parade that I recall was when Ballard owned the Tiger-Cats. I think Tor. cancelled out on having one after that. I sure miss them. You would think for the 100th they would've brought it back.

Standing outside in the cold staring at floats? I'll take drinking inside at the parties over a parade any day of the week.

So much for maintaining tradition- nice host eh!

Its today, there calling it the Sants Claus Parade, Santa is bringing the Grey Cup!

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Parading with the Grey Cup from Varsity to the RC is parade enough, actually parade perfect, for me. All future GC's should do this type of parade/march maybe with a small band marching along, I think from one area not too too far from where the game will be played on a site that means something to the stadium. Could even just be a park where kids play and then march to the stadium. Or through the streets downtown to the stadium or whatever works best.

Couldn't care less about floats myself.

The difference : Today - stay inside and drink
Then - stand outside watching the parade, girls on floats, Miss Grey Cup-remember, all the losers of Miss GC, all the cheerleaders from every team, every team represented with lots of people cheering them on, horses, cowboys, cowgirls,all kinds of celebrities, CFL alumni and all-stars, guys on the street selling banners , hats, pins, ribbons, signs from each team, AND DRINK !!!!!!!!!

Just this one time, I would have loved to see a parade and a Miss Grey Cup...