OK fellow CFL fans from accross the continent...

Here is your chance to be part of making our own history! :wink:

We have been turned down on a request for a parade permit, however a bunch of "13thman" have decided to have an "Impromptu GREY CUP PARADE" with a couple of bands and people representing all the teams including OTTAWA and EAST COASTERS!

Meet at the corner of Simcoe and Front at 2:00pm on Saturday! Bring your Flags and Colours and Noisemakers!

Let's make our own HISTORY! :rockin:

Spread the word! :wink: :thup:

oh yeahhhh. Hope it goes well. Make a big splash. Yoou guys should go up young and down bloor and tie up traffic right in the middle of rush hour. That will teach them.

Call it the no grey cup parade protest. every body else gets to screw with traffic for their protests. apparently you dont need permits for protests.

You got turned down? Oh man.

You shoulda said you wanted to have a parade honoring the potential arrival of the NFL or to honor in advance the next Leafs stanley cup victory. :slight_smile:

Well, it will definately be FUN! We are planning to keep it on the sidewalks for now...depends on how big it gets...but we are hoping to have some fun and rival the shenanigans of the horse in the Royal York! :lol:

I doubt they can arrest us all for parading without a permit! :roll:

This will for sure get some media attention and "Damn them all" who say that there is no CFL interest!

Again...spread the word and join in the Party!

Oh what a hick idea! :wink:

Seriously, great idea! Although almost sounds like a pride type parade, you know, one not supposed to happen. :wink:

OH..."It's Going To Happen"! :rockin:

It's going to be a lot of fun! :rockin: :rockin:

Gopher It. - get Gainer and the Rider pep band to join in. What a great concept - hopefully you can pull it off without being thrown in jail - pepper sprayed or heaven forbid tasered.

still picturing in my mind what will go through the minds of any drunks when they see that gopher. Might just scare some people off booze. :slight_smile:

Hey, Woody, when you said back in the summer you were on the “Bomber band wagon” to win the cup you weren’t kidding. :thup:

Tell them Marty York predicted a Toronto Maple Laugh Stanley Cup win. Then you'll get your parade permit!

Actually...The Rider Pep Band is IN! I don't know about "Gainer" but Stripes and TC would be nice! (hint hint) :wink:

The Argonotes are in as well! :thup:

They have a tough job ahead of them with Glenn out, but I'll be happy with a good competitive game and I won't be sorry if the Rider's former Ticats end up prevailing. :thup:

I'm just looking forward to Canada's "Marti Gras" and enjoying the festivities ending with a football game! :wink:

Gonna wear your Bomber sweater or Argo?

Y'know why you got turned down for a parade permit? This is the City of Toronto A--Hole!

You needn't bother bringing your jockularity to this city! Toronto's run by the kids who used to hang out with the teacher at recess!

You know us! You used to make fun of us!

It's payback time!!!!!
And, we don't like football!!!!!

In addition, to get a parade permit in Toronto you need to be:

  • Gay
  • Anarchist
  • Homeless
  • Anti- American
  • Black
  • Muslim
  • Sikh
  • did I mention Gay?

Davey Millar

well we are non of

This really taking shape...2 bands lots of people...a few banners...AND NOW SOME MEDIA ATTENTION! :thup:

2:00pm Simcoe and Front..Saturday! LET'S DO IT! :rockin:

The "Not the grey cup parade" made global national newscast!!! GC parade tradition lives ON :rockin: :thup:


I wish you all the luck. I am jealous and envious of those that are there. I will be there in spirit. All those fans wearing their team colours and having a good time. What a dumb idea. People wanting to have fun in Grey Cup city. Imagine that. How could you be so silly. The next thing you know, there going to tell you there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny.