Grey Cup Parade Scheduled for downtown Montreal

We're taking it this year! Mark my words. The Als are coming to the Lion's Den, chasing the scared little kitties away, and taking that Grey Cup back to Montreal where it belongs!

This year Antonio Warren will rush for a total of 35 yards in 2 games against the Als.

Dickenson/Printers will combine for a total of 124 yards and 6 interceptions against the Als.

The Lions defense will yield an average of 38 points to the Als offense!

WAIT AND SEE!!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Montreal won’t be able to make the Grey Cup and BC will pummel whoever they end up facing :smiley:

so what you're saying is that in 2 games the Lions will only move the ball about 160 yards?

Dude............ i want some of what you're smoking !!! :lol:

Lets see if this guy is still posting in November once his Alouettes have been eliminated once again in the Eastern Final

Probably the stupidest post ever. I can see you love the Als, but honestly, 6 interceptions? Its obviously gonna be 8 :stuck_out_tongue:

But honestly Seb, you make us look bad posting bulls**t like that up. Especially on the forum of the team who is the "favourite" this year. I know why you wrote this post in the first place, because Diesel came in and starting talking trash in our forum, but just let it be.

And also, 160 yards is barely possible in this game. I say the Lions will have about this much in a half.

But Im confident the Als will beat the Lions this year, but thats my own opinion. Were all entitled to our own opinion, but please do not do it in a disrespectful manner like this. You obviously did not like what Diesel did, and Im thinking the Lion Fans dont like this, and especially us Als fans dont like this. It makes us look bad, and if we do lose, it makes us look even worse.

To Seb, stick to our forum and Talk Alouette football. To the Lions fans, I hope you enjoy watching the Lions DOMINATE the flippin' Argos tomorow.

And to all.. Happy Footballing!

As a Lions fan… i don’t mind that he posted that… it was good for a laugh. Plus… if i’m lucky maybe he’ll hook me up with a bit of what he’s been smoking :wink: :lol:

hey ryoon

Why don't you just shut up. And if you don't want to, why don't you come and make me shutup. Are you the leader of the Alouettes Fan Club? Do you control everything?

As for you Chronic Guy, I'll be glad to share what it is that I've been smoking. I've been smoking CIGARS as an early celebration from when the Als win the Grey Cup this year! I don't know if you'd want any.

Listen, if anybody is going to be smoking, it'll be Calvillo and Co. smoking that weak Lions defense!

Sure... i'll take one of them cigars... then i'll have one to smoke on Nov. 27th when i exit the dome after watching the Lions kick your Als asses all over the field :slight_smile:

Once that grey cup enters B.C. in late Nov.... it ain't leaving until next season

LOL,Hey seb the ALS aint even in the same league as the lions, the lions got even better this year the ALS did not! they lost key players.
I will say what i said last year the lions have the ALS in thare back pocket.

yeah... the Lions have had the Als number for a few years now... the last time the Lions lost to the Als was June 25th 2002... and over the last 4 seasons the Lions are 6 and 2 vs. the Als.

Oh... and seb... if your Als make it to the Grey cup.. they should be up against the Lions... and might i remind you... the last 2 times those 2 teams met in the Grey Cup (first of those 2 they were still in Baltimore..) the Lions won both of them.

this is very amusing... one thing... although i hate to say it, the Als might make the GC, but even if they do then they are royaly screwd cuz from the west we have the two best teams in the league, BC and Edmonton... and although it is BC's to lose the Esks may have a slightly better defence and then the "mighty" Als will have even more trouble... point to ponder, what did the Als improve after that loss in the eastern finals? NOTHING, you got worse while BC improved what they needed... the only thing i see stoping us is either Printers or Dickenson getting fed up, but i do not see that happening

You do know that your beloved Al's blew a 23 point lead to my Renegades to lose 39-36, right? I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you, Don Mathews made some pretty horrendus play calls. ie: passing on a short third down....???

Besides, The Al's are one injury (Calvillo) away from being a below 500 team. Ted White to the rescue?

I didn't know the Lions were gonna go to downtown Montreal after they win the Grey Cup and that's pretty nice of them to hold a parade for them.


The Als are a 500 team!!

Yeah Gades!!

So Montreal got worse?

[u]We lost:[/u]
Jeremaine Copeland : 2 time 1,000 yard receiver
Barron Miles : Irreplacable, but aging
Davis Sanchez : A overrated knucklehead who gets dumb penalties.

We added:
Terry Vaughn : 10 Time 1,000 yard receiver.
Michael Jenkins : 2 time 1,000 yard rusher
Robert Edwards : Former 1st pick overall in the NFL Draft.
Mike Villimek : Younger, Bigger and Quicker fullback the Hepple.

Darryl Crutchfield : Bigger and more aggressive back.
James Whitley : Aggressive and Coverage type of Back.
John Nix :Former NFL Player with some good stats.

Yeah your right, we gained nothing at all. I hope you guys got better. Cause you almost blew the game West Final against Saskatchewan, and it was actually Paul McCalum who blew it for the Riders, not you. Also, Matt Dunigans underachieving Calgary Stampeders had your number as they came back in one of the games, and lost in Overtime and they beat you the second.

Nothing personal with the Lions nor the fans. Just I get so frustrated when people talk non sence. YES we lost to Ottawa. Thats ONE game. YES the Lions had the Als number in previous seasons, but this is a NEW season.

Sorry guys. I hope I didn't offend anyone. I know I'll be bashed after this post, but, just wanted you all to know that not all Als fans are unrealistic and don't have a clue of what their talking about like Seb.

Anyways, Good luck with the Renegades.

Ted White......Ugh, May we never see his name again in a post.

What do you expect Ryoon when an Al's fan comes on the Lions' forum and beaks off about Grey Cup Parade scheduled for Montreal. I understand it's one guy but we're just responding. Als are a good team but imagine if I came on the Al's forum and posted what Seb did but using the Lions instead of the Als. How would the Als' fans react?

It happens quite often as a matter of fact. Maybe not the Lions fans, but look in the CFL Talk forum also you'll see alot of bad mouthing etc. Alot of fans laugh at the fact we lost to the Renegades.

Actually there is a Lions fan. Diesel, came on and posted a brilliant topic, saying that Don Mattews A.K.A the most winingest coach in CFL HISTORY, does not know what hes talking about.