Grey Cup parade - a Weird one indeed.

Ok, I have seen numerous Parades and I must say that this was the oddest and most disorganized Parade I can recall in a long time!

there were numerous occasions where we had large gaps in between floats!

Many people in the area were commenting and making complaints about how there'd be like 1 or 2 floats and then this long wide gap of nothing and then suddenly another float or two, maybe 3 would appear and then again, nothing.

And even though the parade was supposed to be 12-1:30, we were at the end time and we notice that there were still floats that hadn't even passed the first half of the Parade route!

We were getting tired and cold and we missed the last 1/4 of it.

I really don't understand how they can have a parade so disorganized?

so much for selling the game and the league.

its been a couple of decades at least since the parade was really good.

I can't remember the 2006 parade in Winnipeg but the 1998 night-time lights Grey Cup parade was great.

It was because it was being televised.

It was so bad for us fans standing out there, many who left before the who thing was over.
Calgary's last year was so much better.

If your going to televise it, either accept the fact that your going to miss some things, or do a split screen for commercials.

I kinda thought so!

To hell wit the Television! you will have to deal with missing stuff, but you can go without commericals for the most part!

that really messed it up!

I've never been a fan of any Grey Cup parade. I don't see what the big deal is. My buddies and I were checking out the West Edmonton Mall while the parade was going on.

Your loss.

hes an argo fan, cut him some slack. :slight_smile: