Grey Cup: Ottawa vs Calgary

CAN WE ASK " BAD HANK" ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fitting end to the game -- good job by Ottawa and congrats to their fans, Grey Cup winners for the first time since 1976!

Ditto that!! What a game!!

We still got screwed over.

The League would have won either way with their favoured teams in the final.

Just love the look of BLM face...... priceless

Taylor Reed congrats

I guess Hank has said " STICK IT" to us! and can really smile now. :lol: :lol: :lol:

MVP : Hank In three years grey cup champs!

What do you think: Collaros for Hank-- straight up. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So a sub 500 3rd year expansion team wins the Cup and our so called football genius is watching from home. Year 12 of the 5 year plan in the books.

This does leave a bitter taste in your month dosn't it?

Month? Try 144 of them.

I think I have just seen hell! Ottawa wins, and as a result, Burris winds up MVP. The only saving grace to this misserable season is that Bo Levi loses!

When I stand before the Pearly Gates, and St Peter asks me what was the low point in my life, this will be the event that sets the bar.

I must say it, BLM in the first half, absolutely stunk. Stunk. We now know why he is not NFL material. Can we spell choke? Yep, looks like we can, B O-L E V I M I T C H E L L.

Still hate Burris.

Congrats to Ottawa and their fans.. :slight_smile:
I think I am starting to hate these guys "almost" as much as the BlowTeam.
But...good on them.
I hope now Henry will fade into the darkness...and retire.
Go out on a high note...H/B.
Trouble is most times they don't...and go out on a very low note.
Like A/C did in Montreal.
In the was sad to watch.

I think I heard in a interview that Hank says that he wants to get back-to-back wins for Ottawa before he quits.
Heaven forbid!!!!

Maybe the most fun game I have ever attended live!!!

8) Well, sure looks like Hank, and especially Marcel Desjardins have had the last laugh on the TiCats !! :lol:
   Marcel wins the Cup in just 3 short years, while we are still looking for the right combination.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Congrats to Ottawa for representing the east so well. It was a great game and the officials didn't spoil it with questionable calls. Smilin Hank was great but I still like our guy Collaros!

The Cats will be there next year. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Ate a healthy dose of crow last night!

Congratulations to Hank and the RedBlacks! Hank had an amazing game and was completely gracious in the post-game interview. With a stellar oline he was able to showcase his talents (probably wouldnt have happened in Hamilton).

What a great finish!

Congratulations to Ottawa. Their management has done a great job in putting the team together. Henry Burris played an outstanding game and certainly earned the MVP award. It has to rank as one of the best Greg Cup games ever. A real Cinderella story.