Grey Cup: Ottawa vs Calgary

After another play that had to be reviewed, Calgary gets a TD.

I did say Calgary could pull off the comeback, and they just might do that.

27-17 Ottawa.

What a classic game so far

I turned it off when TCMike said it was over. What's happening?

And Calgary gets another TD… but the convert was missed. That could be a difference maker. Calgary down by 4 rather than 3…

Pick on Hank oh Fuck

Did Bad Henry just show up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Smilin Hankiy having a breakout game !

Hi folks! Looks like the upset special is at hand!

Hi Russ.

Well Ottawa got TD a TD with a missed convert. Paredes must be relieved after that. :slight_smile:

This can still go either way.

So Mitchell is going to have to go into epic mode now or the Stamps are done -- that last pick was a killer!

They go for it on 3rd and 2... and they get TD on that play.

33-30 OTT with about 1:38 left.

Huge drive by Calgary!! About a minute and a half left and only three points separating the two teams!

WOW! Stamps get the short kick!!!!

OT is on tap -- 33-all. What a finish!!!

It really looked like Stamps would get the Grey Cup win without having to go to OT, but Buckley was brought down at the 3 on 2nd and goal.

Time for the first Grey Cup game to go into OT since 2005.

OT wow ! Let's go Hank ! 33:33

Time and a half $$&

Guess I spoke too soon lol

Ottawa with TD, but overthrow on two point convert attempt.

Can Stamps get that TD they need?

3rd and 10 for Stamps as I'm typing this...

And that pass was incomplete, and it's over.

Congratulations Ottawa.

Well deserved Champs out foxed the Stamps ! WOW ! UPSETS !