Grey Cup: Ottawa vs Calgary

Really really hoped for a least a full house, papered or not. Unless they have a huge lineup to get in there is no way it will be even close to full. Not to get into a debate from another thread but there is no way Toronto should get another Grey Cup again for a long time.

That’s what happens when yoy gouge people. Coupled with the fact Toronto could care less about CFL football. Pretty sad situation.

Looks like they were just late getting to their seats.

Just never got the grey cup fever and im barely paying attention to todays game.. I think im still not over the missed rtp calling.

For a team that "never" makes mistakes, the Stamps are making a few here - penalties, fumbling and losing the ball, to name a couple. Did they save all of their gaffes for the last game of the year??? OTTRBs are looking like the better team so far - at least most of the time. The horses need to get trotting here - down by 10 more than halfway through the 2nd quarter.

Not to worry - the stadium looks full and has been loud - mostly OTTRB fans - and so far it seems to be favouring the OTTRBs who look poised to score once more off of a BLM interception! - Or maybe not as as Calgary forces the fumble and recovers.

At the half: Ottawa 20, Calgary 7.

BLM threw two armpunts, Finch fumbled one away, Paredes took an OC penalty.

Why couldn't the Stamps look this sloppy in the 2014 Grey Cup game? :slight_smile:

Wow, what a first half and of course especially for Ottawa.

Hamilton should not host a Grey Cup unless the city and team can put awnings like BMO. BMO might not be as nice of as stadium as THF but it just looks a lot better on TV because of these awnings or whatever they are called.

Come on TiCats and city, this is a no-brainer for the stadium. Has to be done for a Grey Cup to be hosted here.

If Ottawa wins the Cup, Burris will be hard to live with for sure. :thdn: :thdn:

And if Ottawa are to win the Cup they will have achieved in 3 seasons what a Bob Young owned team has yet to 13 years and counting.

That’s not me slighting Mr. Young, it’s just pure bitterness at seeing a new team get to hoist a cup we haven’t won since 1999.

Are we cursed? If so, what is the cause? Did we pizz off DJ Flick or something?

Passing numbers at halftime:

BURRIS, Henry 20/25 80.0% 266 1 0 31
MITCHELL, Bo Levi 10/15 66.7% 154 1 2 51

One the first of BLM's INTs it did look the intended receiver did not stay on his route. But the panel is saying that BLM is looking confused out there. And that's quite unusual.

I think McDaniel is out for the game. Grant may get targeted more often.

Well, Ottawa got off to a great start in the Grey Cup last year. But can they be the first sub-500 team to win the Grey Cup in about 15 years?

Second half coming up.

Whoa, first play after the kickoff is a flea flicker! But Paden was overthrown on that deep pass.

But then OTT gets FD on pass to Sinopoli after that.

Wow ! Smiling Hank go east a big fist up , impressive game planning and execution! Holy F !ck ! Only in the CFL !

Burris to Sinopoli for the TD to make it 27-7.

Burris sure is looking sharp, and is definitely an early favourite for MVP of this one. And Sinopoli may be the MVC.

Well, Calgary is a team that can make that kind of comeback. I mean, if the Ticats could make that comeback about Edmonton...

Yes, Stamps might be looking to Ticats for inspiration. :slight_smile:

Bottom line East Baby wow ! Let's go ! Hank lets go!

BLM fumbles as he was taken down and that ball stayed loose longer than I thought it would. A few players touched it but Messam was the last open to do so. Still, two and out with Calgary losing ground was the result of that Calgary drive.

Game over, nothing going right for Bo. Nice to wait until the very last game to suck A$$

Stamps recovered a fumble? That could the break they need.

Well, Calgary gets FG to make it 27-10. That's a start.

Grant is in the house !