Grey Cup: Ottawa vs Calgary

Why I'm happy about the outcome:

  1. East-West Grey Cup is better than West-West Grey Cup

  2. Maybe last-minute Ottawa fans will snap up most of the remaining Grey Cup tickets

  3. Would be hard to watch the referee-assisted Eskimos go further than they already have

  4. Two Grey Cup appearances in a row should help solidify fan support in Ottawa

  5. Western Final made it clear that it's not "the West" that's head and shoulders above "the East", but rather Calgary high above everyone else

Why I'm not happy about the outcome:

  1. I don't really like Ottawa that much

  2. I don't really like Calgary that much

  3. The combined egos of Burris and BLM will be hard to stomach

  4. Blow-outs are never fun to watch, especially in the Grey Cup

Well, if the superstition comes true, the Cup is coming East cause Calgary TOUCHED their trophy!! :smiley:

Pretty much sums up my feelings as well.

Well, in 2014, the Stamps touched that trophy, and the Ticats did not touch the trophy they won for winning the EDF game. And you know which of those two teams won the Grey Cup the next week.

So the 15-2-1 Stamps take on an Ottawa team with a record of 8-9-1. I’m sure that many will expect Calgary to win in a blowout as they try to win it for Mylan Hicks. But maybe it should be noted that Ottawa is responsible for that 1 in Calgary’s 15-2-1 record. However, BC was the only team to defeat Calgary in a meaningful game this year, and BC got blown out by Calgary in the WDF game.

An Ottawa-Calgary Grey Cup game is better for ticket sales than a battle of Alberta. But the probability of the game being a one-sided blowout cannot be good for ticket sales. And as I mentioned in another thread, some fans (Ticat fans in particular) may boycott the game over certain incorrect decisions made in the command centre and on the field.

I'm happy for Ottawa fans and glad that the east is represented. Most of all, I'm delighted that the Esks aren't in the Grey Cup because this should shut Matt Dunigan's pie hole and his Eskimo rants. Looks Good on Ya, Matty! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Yeah but the complaining Smiley is in the GC. I would have rather seen the Eskimos in.

Oh Boy, I hope the Box J Boys run into these idiots on the weekend!

11, 88 and 44 look like Julian, Ricky and Bubbles in their 50s.

Sask fans like these guys ( and our Box J boys) is what keeps the league going, in spite of the poor CFL management. Love the Sask fan base.

It's all about the Burris interview when he throws 3 INT's and gets benched in the second half then Trevor Harris leads an Ottawa comeback. At least that's my ideal scenario.

Agreed! I would have HATED to see an all-west Grey Cup

My perfect scenario would be a decent Calgary lead, OTTRBs doing enough to make it close,maybe even taking a slight lead, and then the horses coming back and stomping the OTTRBs. This scenario IMO has the best of all worlds - an exciting game, the predicted team winning, and the smile getting wiped off of Hank's face when he realizes his "replacement" again wins the prize he so dearly covets! All this in spite of the fact that I'm tired of hearing how "great"BLM and the Stamps are. I'd rather listen to that than Hank "gloating"!


Isn't there some way they can both lose?

Well , they did play to a tie in the regular season :wink:

Im looking forward to seeing Henry flattended like a pancake. Should be very satisfying.

Anyone going to use this as a GDT?

Nope , I'm thinking yer bang on with 11 as Julian , 88 definitely a dead ringer for Ricky but I'll say that 33 would be my Bubbles and the other two Wanna be J-Boxers would be 66 as Randy bo Bandy and 44 could be Mr. Lahey. :thup: :smiley:

Just saw an interesting stat on Derek Taylor's "The Details" - Zach has the best QB rating (around 101)for QBs under pressure while Bo has the lowest (around 72) - Hank is just a bit better. The problem of course is trying to get pressure on BLM as the Stamps OL has been really good all year.

The fact he can stand in the pocket has no effect on his rating. The rating is based only based on how good he is under pressure. Could be that because he's not often under pressure as much as Zach was, that he's not as good at it??

1/2 hour to go and it looks kinda empty. Maybe they are checking out the new stadium?

Go Stamps!!