Grey Cup one month ahead

I know this topic has been discussed many times before but I just want to bring it up again. I am thinking that if the Cup and the schedule was moved up a month, then it may be better weather for people travelling out of town and do more stuff in the area and make a holiday more out of it. I know, then when the games start the 1st of June, it will be competing with the Stanley Cup playoffs. So what really, most of the time there are not Canadian teams in it anyways and even if there was, I don't think it would affect viewership much except on those days there was a conflict of games. And as far as saying also that it would conflict with baseball, well it already conflicts with baseball anyways.

I'm just thinking ahead when I might start to go to places like out west where I'd like to go and make a week out of it and do other stuff ie. when the game is in Winnipeg, get to Mountain Riding Park for some hiking or in Edmonton get to Jasper for the same. At the end of November, too much chance of snow and that for these activities.