Grey Cup on the TTC

I would like to see the Argos take the Grey Cup on the TTC Subway and streetcars and buses. Especially in areas away from downtown.

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too violent these days

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Na. Perfect opportunity to have the media follow allong for a day or two...various stops...different connect with people where they really are most of the time in Toronto...poilce would be happy to (makes safer for them) win win win

It's been making the rounds with select season ticket holders via draws. It got about 20 minutes per winner..... granted we were not one of them.

Have it celebrated with the fans....I think that's....the better way


I wonder what the cost for all that would be

between all the argos personel, media, police and perhaps politicians, there would be not enough room for fans


We're talking Toronto here , believe me there would be plenty of room for all 12 of the Argo fans with room to spare .

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Then let a select few Argo Alumni just impromptu

Yeah. True. But maybe some new fans could be created.

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So those who can't afford season tickets aren't real fans?

Where did I say they're not real fans?

It's a nice added perk for season ticket holders some have used it to bring to schools and other community centres to connect to those who are not. Our fb group has seen an uptick in new season ticket holders as of late so it seems to be effective.

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not sure if the TTC is safe enough

cardboard cutouts work.

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Or ads above seats.


yea. also team-TTC community involvement, ticket discounts for TTC pass holders, incentives to take the TTC to games, etc.