Grey Cup on Front Page across country

Calgary Sun

Winnipeg Sun

Ottawa Sun

Toronto Sun

notice only the ontario papers focus on the breaking of the cup?

Even the Toronto Star had the Grey Cup in full colour on their front page. Wow.

But, no surprise the Globe did not have it on their front page although it was the lead on the Sport section.

Well, Toronto stands to gain a lot if they can attract a lot of out of towners for next years Cup, even if the editors of the paper say isn't a CFL fan, he surely would want people in his city next year to spend money going to the Cup. Maybe the Globe is just trying to distance themselves from looking like a Toronto paper or maybe it's trying to look more financial which is what is it's main feature. Sports in the Globe is more of an afterthought I think and it caters to the business people more, and if they are Toronto biz people, then it will cater to the bigger major leagues more to satisfy the big biz peoples egos ie. they like to relate to the multimillionaires since they themselves make the big bucks. Big shots I suppose.

THANKS! As it should be.


No one reads THE GLOBE for SPORTS , any way.

THE GLOBE " Canada's National Disgrace "

Good to see it make headlines, but why is it that (The West) Winnipeg and Calgary have their front pages talking about great players, and (The East) T.O and Ottawa have the Grey Cup being broken taking the spotlight?

Really shows the though process is different on some places doesn't it?