Grey Cup on Directv? HELP!!

Is the Grey Cup on Directv? I looked through all the directv listings and I can’t find the Grey Cup game anywhere on any channels. Anybody know how we USA dwellers can watch this game? thanks.

Channel 623,656

November 27 6pmET Grey Cup MSG Network (NY/NJ/CT); New England Sports Network (MA/CT/RI/NH/VT/ME); Comcast Philadelphia (PA/NJ/DL); Comcast SportsNet Chicago (IL/IN/WI/IA); Comcast SportsNet West (SF/Sacramento); Comcast Seattle; Altitude (Denver /Rocky Mt States; CSS (GA/FL/AL/MS/TN/SC/KY/NC); Cox Sports South (LA /AR/TX /FL/ MS); Comcast Oregon (Portland); TW Sports 26 (Syracuse, Watertown, Utica, NY); DirecTV Channel 621, 623,640, 644 and 656;
Channel 621 – MSGN
Channel 623 – NESN
Channel 624 – FSN NY
Channel 629 – CSN MD/DC
Channel 640 – CSN Chicago
Channel 644 – Altitude
Channel 656 – CSN West

Thanks, but i saw this already. when i checked the directv listing during those times/channels it listed other games… like the Colorado Avs or college basketball. … not the grey cup.

this sucks.

I checked the directv website and they list the grey cup on

Call up the company and tell them abou it, they will give you the channels that get it.

why to go ro1313 , thanks!

Channel 656 (Directv) is the only channel with a CFL listing. coverage starts at 2:30 PST!!! one more hour

I have DishNetwork & the game is live on only 3 channels I can see.
Looks like other channels may be showing the game on delayed tape.
ALTUD is showing the game at 11pm tonight for instance.
Looks like NOTHING has been done to improve the picture from the last 2 weeks. The red of the announcers tie is bleeding over severly, the goalposts have yellow shadows. Colors are running all over the screen. This is on both channels I have checked.

If you subscribe to the directv "mutli sport pac" you will see the game on channels 621,623 and 656. If you live on the east coast of the u.s. you shouldn't have to pay extra for those channels like I do. Enjoy the game!

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