Grey Cup on CTV

I predict a boring GC this year, unless the riders are in it and and have a repeat of last year, then I might watch for some laughs

Argos and Esks FTW :smiley:

I would say its due to access. Everyone that has even the most basic of peasant vision gets a CTV station. Not eveyone can view the game on TSN. Of course, my perspective is from Rural Saskatchewan where this was a complaint last year when the Grey Cup was only aired on TSN limiting the people that could view it.

All true: And, for another year we American fans must find a site on the web to watch the playoffs and Grey Cup. This is simply unacceptable. Why couldn't the NFL Network show everything? It's not like the playoffs and GC interfere with their ever exciting :thdn: regular season games.

Ditto for me, almost every day.

I cant find it saying CTV anymore

Hm, they changed it to TSN/ maybe because Blue Blood pointed it out, haha.

geo ESPN3 shows all the games. If you can't get that then you can always watch at Hook up your computer to your TV and you can barely tell the difference. I'll be surprised if the NFL network doesn't pick up the Grey Cup, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding it.

Anyone know if this will happen or not?

I think it's something that has to be set and official before the season begins.. pretty sure it was mostly hearsay..

but you never know, 2011 could have the game on both TSN and CTV..

but then again by 2011 Grey Cup you will HAVE to be Digital in order to get TV..

Remeber the good old days when CTV and CBC both broadcast the game? And each network would call a half? So not farfetched to think CTV (which owns TSN) would also broadcast the game. Although I doubt it will happen. Why split views and lower the ad rates, especially when CTV has NFL to broadcast on Grey Cup Sunday.

I just checked the CFL on TSN schedule and it now says that the game is on TSN, not CTV.

And again!! No U.S. T.V. coverage of the playoffs and GP at all. Just horrible! :thdn:

Please tell me you get the games online somehow, or I may be in South Carolina on a course next September-November and hate to think I'll miss the playoffs and Grey Cup next year.

Will ESPN3 have them online. Would seem strange not to have the playoffs and GC since their showed all the regular season games.

Same parent company, they shared the winter olyimpics games broadcasting, so this is all good. Should get some large audiences to watch the Riders beat Hamilton in the GC.