Grey Cup on CTV

I saw a comment in another forum that the Grey Cup is going to air on CTV this year. I was really surprised to read that because I hadn't heard anything about it. The post provided a link to the CFL on TSN schedule and, sure enough, it says the game is going to be broadcast on CTV.

Has anyone heard an official announcement about this?

Interesting, not that it affects me at all but I suppose it would rake in some more viewers even if they are more casual ones that don't subscribe to TSN but then there is a small percentage of people that can't get any cable to begin with who might want to tune in regardless.

record grey cup audience for sure.

dg, just because it's on CTV doesn't necessarily mean it will be record GC audience. I think what teams are in is more significant actually.

They got bashed in this TV deal for regulating it to TSN while CTV showed an NFL game, so this is a good change.

Or CTV got its heinie kicked because most watched the GC on TSN, so this year they decided if they want good ratings they have to go with what sells the best. It's all about dollars and cents. I doubt they really care about the emotional response to their programming decisions.

Agree not emotions albeit another thing to consider is the mission or the agenda if you will. Meaning, for example, Sportsnet would never show a CFL game now with the NFL Bills experiments in Toronto regardless if it did make some financial sense to do so. In this case, maybe it's being shown on CTV for some agenda behind the scenes we aren't aware of that might not be a strictly dollars and sense issue. I don't know.

Wow, finally if true.
We have been saying for years now ever since Tom Wright had signed the last TV contract, how this omission of not having the playoffs and for sure the GC on the main CTV network was huge.

I find it funny that pretty much everything CFL fans complain about, and rightfully so, when it comes to TSN gets addressed very quickly.

Remember when the playoff games were on Saturday in 2008? The following season TSN came back to their senses.
The draft is once again televised and I'm sure the CFL and TSN have big plans to make it a much bigger event.
And now, it looks like the Grey Cup will be televised on CTV. I did read about it as well yesterday, but still not confirmed so I guess this might be a bit pre-mature. In any case will no doubt increase the ratings for the Grey Cup.

It seems rather odd that this hasn't been publicized? I can't see TSN being happy about losing 6 million viewers to CTV? While CTV' reaches 30% more households than TSN, I suspect anyone who wanted to watch the GC could find somebody with cable. This might mean an extra 500,000 viewers, but no extra revenue for the CFL as the games have already been pre-sold.

CTV HUGELY promotes the Super Bowl, which got similar ratings to the Grey Cup on TSN last year. We would hope that TSN and CTV will publicize the GC in an equal fashion to the SB. Let's not forget that CTV took out full-page ads in major newspapers across Canada, crowing that the "NFL is Canada's Most Popular Football League!" when the SB ratings beat the GC a couple of years ago.

I wonder what TSN will broadcast instead? TSN has the NFL rights to Thursday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday night football, plus TSN2's Sunday NFL game of the week. I wouldn't be surprised if TSN televised an NFL game head-to-head against the Grey Cup. TSN already promotes the upcoming NFL Sunday and Monday night games much more than upcoming CFL games on their CFL and NFL broadcasts. While TSN has been a great friend of the CFL, they are using the huge popularity of the CFL to grow and promote the NFL to Canadian football fans.

Aren't we talking about the same parent company? If so, I'm sure there is some juggling of funds between budgets for this and thus no one who actually works at TSN would be affected? Don't you think?

Yes, TSN and CTV are both in the same company. And I wouldn't be surprised if the TSN crew provided the coverage, given their familiarity with the game.

TSN is an independent company which is 20% owned by ESPN, with the remainder owned by CTVGlobemedia, I believe, (which is now controlled by Bell) and are the biggest NFL promoters in Canada next to Rogers. I'm sure that CTV is paying TSN for the Grey Cup broadcast rights, but it is largely just money being transferred from the left pocket to the right pocket.

I wonder about the Grey Cup pre-game show? TSN had excellent wall-to-wall gameday coverage last year (actually all weekend). But now with CTV broadcasting the game...? CTV will be broadcasting NFL games on Sunday afternoon before the GC. :expressionless:

I wouldn't exactly call TSN independent. CTV has President of Sports that oversees all of CTV's sports programming including TSN, NHL Network and ESPN Classic. All CTV's sports activities are consolidated and reported through CTV even though some are actually owned through CTV Speciality Programming (where ESPN's minority interest sits). Since none of these operations are publicly traded companies, their financial and reporting structures aren't fully disclosed.

I am extremely happy that CTV will broadcast the GCG. There are MANY persons who do nt have cable-persons that live in secluded places and, the poor, many of whom cannot afford cable. I hope the game is always broadcast by a national, non cable, outlet!

TSN's GC weekend coverage last year was truly superb and I can't see that changing this year given that the CFL has basically become its cornerstone sport. It won't matter that, like you say, the money is changing pockets. The same crews will be doing the broadcast I'm sure, so it there will little difference, save for the CTV bug on screen instead of the TSN bug. The NFL network will also have the same feed so I'd say it's a hefty coup for GlobeMedia (or whatever it's called now) to have blanket North American coverage. That should result in getting the heavy hitter advertisers for CTV. This has become balls-out Grey Cup coverage! Gotta love that. Just pray for good weather at sold-out Commonwealth.

Couldn't they still show something? I mean, doesn't TSN have that Sunday morning NFL program even though they don't show any of the afternoon games?

Hopefully TSN will run 9 hours of pregame coverage on Sunday like last year (for another stations' game?)...but, I'm not so sure. TSN did get great ratings last year, over 1 million at times, for their pregame show...and also great ratings for Saturday's Live coverage.

For many years, there was law in Canada which required both national networks, CBC and CTV, to broadcast the Grey Cup game. This was to ensure that all Canadians could have access to the big game. Not sure why that was changed...about when TSN came into existence.

I just hope CTV doesn't cram the Grey Cup full of Super Bowl and NFL Sunday promotions...having access to this massive audience of Canadian football fans, essentially trying to convince them to watch NFL football on Sunday instead of CFL games (on TSN) in the same time slot.

CTV and TSN are in the same building.
i pass it sometimes in scarborough-ish..401 and markham rd.

Maybe they'll bring in a Pat Marsden impersonator to call the game :lol:

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