Grey Cup Officiating

It seemed pretty obvious to me that the officials were going to" let the players play" and decide the winner. Borderline calls that were flagged ad nauseum in the regular season, were let go. I say "Congrats to the officiating crew" and especially to Tom Vallesi of Hamilton and Glendale High School. More teachers should become zebras! :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Agreed. I thought the officials were quite good.

Apart from that PI in the endzone, I think they did a pretty good job as well. I echo your congrats and most especially to the fellow steeltowner lol.

Did anyone else notice that they all looked like they were going to throw up during the introductions before the game. :lol:

Don't know how they missed the Fantuz catch at the two and the blatant interference on Baggs on the tipped pass. Other than that.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that.... lol. I guess they were still better than they have been

The goal line interference against the Riders on Montreal’s last TD and 2 point conversion attempt that wasn’t called potentially cost me a office pool win.

I had 7/7 (last digits) on the scores so IF the game had ended 27-27 in regulation time, I would had won. Granted, with over a minute remaining there could still have been a score (1 or 3 points) but still… so close!

Dang officials :slight_smile:

Montreal got hosed on the last Sask punt as well (2nd last?).

Should have been a 15 yard no yards call.

They were better than they have been all season...which for the CFL, doesn't say a whole hell of a lot.

I don't think that you can call interference after a pass has been tipped, right? I think the non-call on Baggs was correct.

There was also a blatant trip that the announcers didn't see but was clear as day. I think it was in the second half.

There were some holds that were missed and the PI was terrible.

I didn't think it was that great. Until the CFL does more in the way of in season training with their officials, a lot of calls are going to be missed. Like I've explained before, how can a guy who works 5 days a week at say an insurance firm can focus on a game on the weekend? He has business to take care of during the week and he probably doesn't have the time to review film and properly prepare.

I'm sorry but until full time refs or more than part time refs are calling games, there are going to be many missed calls.

As frustrating as it may be for fans of a team who believe a missed call or two may have cost their team a game, it is well to remember this.

No one expects their QB to complete 100% of his passes.

No one expects their receivers to catch every pass that comes their way.

So why are officials held to a higher standard? They are human; they, like the players, make mistakes.

I'm sorry but fulltime referees are not the answer. You need a grassroots program so that you have quality referees to choose from beginning at peewee football progressing to junior and HS football then to CIS and finally the CFL. Until you get better officiating at the lower levels the upper levels will suffer. Its a 10 year process minimum

We aren't talking questionable calls in the middle of a pile or away from the play. We are questioning plays that are right out in the open. The PI non-call play, was focused on that receiver and DB as that was where the play was designed to go.

If that had happened away from the play, no one at home would have seen it because that wasn't where the focus of the camera was.

The Fantuz catch was another great example. The ref needs to get that call right. It costs SSK a challenge and slows down their momentum.

We all do complain about the ticky tack calls but those we can live with, it's the blatant calls, pass interference, in/out of bounds, obvious holds, etc that we get frustrated with. Are refs perfect? No, and we don't expect them to be but when a penalty is right infront of you with nothing blocking you then you should be able to make the call.

But the issue is still that you are reffing once a week. Are you really focused the other 6 days on football? No you aren't. That's my point.

The system we have now if flawed. The system we have now is exactly as you describe it. It starts at the grassroots level and works it way up.

The problem that exists is that the training programs at each level are very minimal and usually consist of a few days of training.

The CFL refs go through a little training camp themselves at the beginning of the year but what do they do during the season? They work?

Full time refs cost way too much money but something else needs to be done.

You make good points, Alan, but I don't agree with your take on the Fantuz catch.

It was a judgment call and they got it wrong. . . Saskatchewan challenges and the call is overturned (that's the purpose of the challenge rule, to correct these things). It didn't "cost" Saskatchewan a challenge, they won it. As for momentum, it didn't take away any momentum, there were only 2 seconds left and it gave them a boost to get another play in.

Otherwise I think you make good points.

Unless you get more than one game a week you won't get any better than what we see. Its like golf. I can read 1,000's of books, watch hundreds of videos and sit in a classroom 8 hours a day 5 days a week but it won't do any good if I only get out 10 times a year

I don't mind if they are gonna let the guys play to settle the issue. Just make sure you tell both teams when the game starts. Sask. was getting away with holds the entire first half on their offensive line. Montreal seem to pickup on this in the second half and whamo its a whole new ball game.
Doc 8)

If you're talking about the one where Bratton fumbled, I checked on the PVR right after the play looking for exactly that, but the Rider player, while bearing down fast, was well outside 5 yards.

The 2 point convert 'pass interference' was the correct non-call.

The reciever ran into the defender who is entitled to his space on the field. If anything it was offensive pass interference.

The officiating is always the same in the GC. They let a lot go that would be called during the season. I like it because I feel the games during the season are over officiated. Of course if you try and play with 13 men its difficult of look the other way.

According to the rules it was pass interference, Glenn Suitor did a great job of explaining why it was, so it definately was if he said it was considering he never thinks it's pass interference and it was against his Riders.

The too many men penalty makes up for that non call in a karma type way.