Grey Cup officiating crew

They named the officials for Sunday's game and boy am I bummed out ... no Paul Dojack. How can you have a meaningful 100th Grey Cup without Paul (Offside) Dojack?

100th Grey Cup Officiating Team:

Referee #32 Glen Johnson
Umpire #31 Ben Major
Head Linesman #25 Ron Barss
Line Judge #74 Tim Kroeker
Side Judge #27 Jeff Harbin.
Back Judge #46 Rob Skaggs
Field Judge #37 Jason Maggio
Alternate #22 Murray Clarke
Alternate #30 Dave Foxcroft
Alternate #60 Tom Vallesi

Replay Official Jake Ireland
Replay Official Alan McColman

They better be ready, first time in 30 years I think it is the home team in Toronto is playing in the GC in their home city. While support for the team has lagged over the decades this is sort of a biggie, me thinks :stuck_out_tongue: and it being the 100th and I think a lot of original Torontonians know this despite them turning their backs on the team for the past years, for some good reasons and some not so good reasons.

As I say, the officials better be ready.

Let them play, we all know holding goes on just about every down on both sides, we just don't wanna hear about it via flags every 3 plays. The Stamp & Lion WF was a great game and practically zero flags!!

Well, that's okay for you to say
Stampeder67! How many penalties did the Stamps get in the whole freaking game? Wasn't in just one????

The Lions on the other hand! :thdn:

It wasn't so much the number of penalties that B.C. took as the undisciplined nature. 4 of the 6 penalties that B.C. took were 15 yarders, 3 unnecesary roughness and 1 no yards and including the absolutely disgraceful unnecessary roughness (when is roughness necessary?) on Banks when Calgary was taking the knee at the end. None of these could be argued IMHO.

Calgary by the way took 2 penalties, I believe one for offside and one time count.

For the most part it was a clean game by both teams, with the exception of the Banks incident.

Any number of "undisciplined" penalties is too many in my books!

Maybe the Lions palyers figured that if they were undisciplined enough they would choose them to carry the team colours next game.

It's not a good for Toronto with Glen Johnson as the ref. I guess the only good thing is Johnson's beloved Blue Bombers aren't in the game. His ridiculious calls are bad enough without adding his homerism to the mix.

Could be worse, could be Murray Clarke.

At the CFL Awards do they give an award for "Official of the Year" or Outstanding Rookie Official?

You mean there were some worthy nominees? :lol:

Well, I think that the officials that go the Grey Cup are essentially the "Officiating Crew of the Year" because they made it to the Grey Cup. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. The CFL obviously thinks this crew is the best of the worst. :stuck_out_tongue: