Grey Cup Officials 2019 - Andre Proulx





CALGARYThe Canadian Football League announced today the officiating crew that will work the 107thGrey Cup presented by Shawon Sunday, November 24th at McMahon Stadium.
This group of officials were the highest rated officials at their respective positions during the 2019 season.
Referee #28Andre Proulx
Umpire #61Patrick MacArthur
Head Linesman #25 Ron Barss
Line Judge #19 Chris Shapka
Side Judge #47Jocelyn Paul
Back Judge#44 Blair Brown
Field Judge #56Steve Dolyniuk
Backup Referee#60 Tom Vallesi
Backup Umpire #31 Ben Major
Backup Official #27 Andrew Wakefield
Backup Official #18 Pierre Laporte

The crew will be supported by an off-field officiating staff, including:
Senior Director, Officiating Darren Hackwood
Manager, Officiating Jeff Harbin
Supervisor, Officiating Boris Velcic
Replay Official, Rob Crifo
The following is some background information on this year’s Grey Cup officials:
Andre Proulx – Referee
22ndSeason |375 Games |8thGrey Cup Game
Patrick MacArthur – Umpire
10thSeason |166 Games |4thGrey Cup Game
Ron Barss – Down Judge
15thSeason |248 Games |4thGrey Cup Game
Chris Shapka – Line Judge
6thSeason |104 Games |2ndGrey Cup Game
Jocelyn Paul – Side Judge
11thSeason |177 Games |4thGrey Cup Game
Blair Brown – Back Judge
7thSeason |119 Games |3rdGrey Cup Game
Steve Dolyniuk – Field Judge
19thSeason |309 Games |5thGrey Cup Game
Tom Vallesi – Backup Referee
16thSeason |273 Games | 4thGrey Cup Game
Ben Major – Backup Umpire
15thSeason |262 Games |7thGrey Cup Game
Andrew Wakefield – Backup Official
6thSeason |85 Games |1stGrey Cup Game
Pierre Laporte – Backup Official

I guess my post about this can be deleted…lol

Great. Proulx da’ fool!

“‘Ow many pelllnties he gonna’ call on da’ Tiger-Cat to try an’ rob ‘dem of da’ Coupe Grey?”

Please, Tiger-Cats, don’t get in a close game to the wire thereby giving this Cat-Hater the opportunity to decide the winner.

Overwhelm the ‘Black & Blue Bombers’!

Andre Proulx had a good east final game . He’ll have a good Grey Cup . I’m happy that we didn’t get Bradbury or the Angry Garden Gnome .

Pat Lynch ( le vieux )

Andre is one of the quicker refs to call RTP. Also the guy who called Simoni’s hit and then the upgrade. Not criticizing, but I think our defence, and Simoni in particular need to bear that in mind. I’m sure Andre is aware.

Andy may talk funny, definitely needs a bigger hat, and stumbles around like a drunken actor who has forgotten his lines, but I can live with this. Vallesi, Foxcroft and most of all, Bradbury think that they have to get the game in hand when the hits are hard but clean. With those 3 crews, the Cats would be sure to get multiple roughing-the-passer flags for breathing too hard on Zach. Bradbury’s like one of those home plate umpires who thinks his strike-3 calls need to be shown on ESPN’s Highlights-of-the-Month.

Your assessment is right on. I’m not worried about who the ref is as this team can overcome ANY adversity. :wink:

Proulx called a good game for the EF. Cats only had 5 penalties. Bradbury on the other hand might have had a higher potential to be biased towards his hometown Winnipeg.
Even if Proulx muffs up, this Ti-Cat team is so resilient that the occaisonal blown call should not really hurt them.

Hopefully the Stripes have no impact on the game!

I’m not as concerned with Proulx as I would have been a few years ago. I think we make to much of his '14 GC penalty call, that was probably a 50/50 penalty at worst anyway.

Also, aren’t we all a little old to be making fun of someone because they speak with an accent?

I think we’re better then that.

X 2

And add me to the list!
X 3

I think he called a very good game against Edmonton. I think each team got away with a couple calls. The Ticats got away with a trip ( forget the player?) on that return and I thought Edmonton got away with some Holding with their offensive line but generally a well officiated game.

Hopefully in the Grey Cup, the refs will let the players decide. Let them play hard, hitting football. No chincy, BS calls.

People should keep in mind that most if not all of the specific penalty calls that were being complained about in these posts were in fact made by other officials not Proulx. I personally don’t see him as anti-TiCat as some of the other guys in stripes.

Hopefully Stripes won’t have an impact on any officials while riding on a 4-wheeler…

All I can say is that Stripes told the refs that if they don’t impact the Ticats he won’t impact them. ;D ;D ;D

Proulx, Vallesi and Bradbury are the 3 worst refs in the league.
I am shocked the league went with Proulx.
We do not have many good ones.

Maybe we should secretly replace Stripes by those things with real stripes! ;D

For me then, Proulx is the best of a bad lot…

it is good to know that the reffing at grey cup will be better than a lot of NFL games I have seen this year. Its been horrendous.

I like the P man myself.