Grey Cup of soccer?

Interesting, only 3 teams vying at this point to represent Canada but who knows:



It is interesting, but it would be nice if Toronto could support the Argos like they did the FC or Leafs. I hear more about the Leafs and FC on fan590 than all the other sports teams combined. Not to mention soccer is a very slow moving sport, but it is growing in popularity. I wish it was Canadian football growing as fast as soccer.

So many people from other parts of the world in Toronto that grew up with soccer. The media have to cater to the soccer people, the numbers are there. And now that there is a legitimate pro league in North America that appears to be viable and growing, it's going to be getting more headlines all the time. Look out gridiron to some extent.

CFL needs to look at MLS. Both leagues are very similar in economics. But MLS owners have vision, something I'm not sure the CFL has.

The big difference is major league soccer owns all the teams.So they don't for the most part have owners wanting it there way or the high way.Now people like gillette sing a letter of intent he really will not be the owner per say.Its very complex how it works.

I have been saying for a long time that CFL should become a single entity owning all teams.

Yes. Absolutely. It's sad that MLS is doing things right. The league was losing more money then the CFL, and probably still losing more. But in 10 years MLS will be a full-fledge established league with very good financial footing. We need the same here in CFL.

The one thing I will share with you is that Cohon's message to us regarding his vision for the evolution of the CFL was simple and ambitious: to make the CFL the most respected sporting organization in Canada, bar none.

This quote from the Winnipeg Free Press has me somewhat excited. I also heard a very encouraging interview with Cohon a few weeks back. This guy seems to get it. He has big aspiration for this game (and league).

in 10 years the MLS will fold and the Toronto FC will be a team without a league.

MLS wants more soccer specific stadiums like BMO in Toronto. Playing in NFL stadiums isn't the way to go. Interesting biased view of soccer in the US.

"1. Major League Soccer has a league-wide attendance average similar to the NBA and the NHL. The LA Galaxy - for many years the most popular MLS team by attendance - has had an attendance average higher than the NBA’s LA Lakers 3 out of the last 4 years, and higher than the LA Kings every year in this decade.

  1. Soccer is watched on TV by more Americans than any other sport outside of the Big 3 major league sports, yet it is treated by most mainstream media as though it is of less interest than sports like golf, auto racing, tennis, ice hockey, etc. Again, pro soccer is watched on TV by FAR more people here in the U.S. than any of those."