Grey Cup Odds

Hamilton at 12 - 1 looks like the best bet to me.

Time will tell.

8-1 on BC…tempting

Future bets are always tough but Hamilton looks like the best play for me. Hamilton will in all likelihood only have to play one home playoff game to get there. All Western teams seem capable of getting to GC imo.

Calgary 2 - 1

Montreal 25 - 1

Everybody else 5 - 1

But then again, I’m not a bookie setting my odds for profitability.

I’ll revisit my numbers after 17 games.

Vegas thinks well of Ottawa despite the departure of so many pieces of the puzzle .

Nice that they take into account the work stoppage may mean no cup to be played with a refund .

Always have to remember that betting odds partly reflect who Vegas thinks will win and also how high do the odds on a team have to be to get people to bet on that team … ideally the amount wagered on each team will be as close to relatively equal as possible.

Hamilton signing Dylan Wynn is one more reason to bite on 12 - 1.

Anything can happen but they are looking very good. Fingers crossed Masoli is for real and stays healthy.

Little voice in my head says bet $100 and see what happens.

On those odds, I will bet 500 dollars Montreal does not win.
Also, I’ll bet $300 Sask does not win.
Bet $100 Edmonton wins
I’ll place bets on off sites. May not win much again, however, some is better than nothing.
Any takers!!!

I’ll take the Riders 3 hun. However, since there’s 9 teams, I want 8-1 when they win it.

Saskatchewan should be a 15-1 or 20-1. They are not a very good team. I guess with all the Sask fans betting on their team it skews things quite a bit.

Rider fans likely bet on the team regardless of odds … that drops them significantly … bookies only post the odds needed to get bets on a team.

Sask been doing great this season. Hope they will maintain the momentum.


Sask been doing great this season. Hope they will maintain the momentum.
Your right on. Have not lost a game this year!!!!! Cheers