Grey Cup Odds

This from a tweet by Drew Edwards on the Odds to win the Grey Cup from Bodog

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 53 seconds ago Via degenerate gambler @SUNMitchell: #GC102 odds on @BodogCA: #CalStampeders (1/1), #Esks (7/2), #Alouettes (4/1), #Ticats (9/2).

Its the Stamps to lose... The other three teams are terrible

Unless the Stamps beat themselves, there's nobody even close to them. Kinda anti-climatic actually. Bu then again I said the same thing about those Stamps in the 2010 Western Final :wink:

Never, ever, EVER ignore the “hot” teams. Montreal and Edmonton may surprise…they have battled in some epic GC games in the past, and may again this year.

montreal is going to win the cup. damn it grrrr

Montreal will never, ever, EVER get by the TiCats in OUR HOUSE!!!

Oskee wee wee!!!

The Stanley Cup ????..... maybe........The Grey Cup ???? Don't BET ON IT !!!! :cowboy:

BET365 has Quebec last !

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The other three teams are far from terrible; any one of the four would be a credible champion.

Certainly, the Stamps have been the class of the league this season, but they've tended to choke in the clutch since 2010. Will it be the same with Mitchell? We shall see.

updated odds has Ontario last!

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Regina fans are still betting they will win the Grey Cup :lol:

Calgary should be favourites, however, they do have a habit of imploding at the wrong time of year. As for the Als, I don't care if they scored 1 000 points last week they had the chance to take first with as little as a 7 point loss in Hamilton on the final day of the season and choked. Hamilton is unbeaten at THF and rested, they MUST be favoured over Montreal.

Tiger Cats are -3.5 pts. to win.

I was commenting on the Bodog odds posted by the OP. -3.5 is fair, I expect a close game.