Grey Cup odds

Would have thought the odds of the Bombers winning the Cup would be longer.....

Odds to Win 2014 Grey Cup at Bodog as of June 15:

B.C. Lions 15/4
Calgary Stampeders 4/1
Saskatchewan Roughriders 4/1
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 7/1
Toronto Argonauts 15/2
Montreal Alouettes 8/1
Edmonton Eskimos 9/1
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 12/1
Ottawa RedBlacks 18/1

Decided to make a wager on the Argos to win it all, although the Lions will be tough to beat at home.

I don't think it will be Toronto for the simple fact the cfl has a way of surprising.

Call me crazy but I'm thinking Hamilton and Winnipeg make it to the final! Haha

Wishful thinking perhaps....

Had it narrowed down to Hamilton or Toronto but chose the Argos because they should have the better defense and they're slightly longer shots. Would love to see the Bombers do something as well, but we'll have to wait a year or two before that's a possibility.

I think you may very well be on the money with that prediction.
The Bombers will be in the Grey Cup this year.

.....It's a very looooong year....Lots can happen BUT all of the preseason crap about how bad the Bombers will be in 2014.....well even at this early date, I think you can take that with a huge grain of salt... :wink: :wink:

Sure they will....

Hope you enjoy losing money, because that is what your wager will most likely get you this year.

Actually, this has been a great betting season so far! CFL bets are 15-4 thus far and my Bomber bets have gone 4-1 (along with a nice money line score versus the Lions). As far the the Argo bet is concerned, it's far too early to write it off as all they need to do is make the playoffs in a very weak division. If healthy come playoff time, they'll be tough to beat in the East and will likely play in the big game. Had the Lions to win it all a few years ago and they started 1-6 before taking the Cup. :smiley:

If we get to the GC, we win it !

Now that Walters and O'Shea are running things, the Grey Cup has become a legitimate possibility in the next couple of years. Non import depth is still a big problem but they're working on it I'm sure. Making the playoffs this year would be a great start and once they're in you never know!

Well, the whole West division can say that it seems.

Here we are, 5-3 :rockin: and last in the West again :cry: . Weird. Is it mathematically possible to finish last in the West with a winning record? Math ain't my thing.

Sorry, I know we weren't in the West last year. :oops: