Grey Cup Odds?

ok folks..

make your own Grey Cup Odds!

B.C. - 4-1
Calgary - 7-1
Winnipeg - 8-1
Montreal - 10-1
Edmonton - 12-1
Hamilton - 50-1

this is just my opinion.

I want to see yours.

Switch Deadmonton and Montreal and I'd agree with those.

well the reason I have the Esks at 12-1 and in 5th

is soley because of who they're up against.

even if they did manage to pull off the win vs Calgary they have mighty BC.

Montreal has better odds to defeat Winnipeg and Hamilton than Edmonton does vs Calgary and B.C.

I just don't think Montreal beating Hamilton is as easy as you think. We will know for sure next weekend!

yup, that we will.

we agree to disagree! but I do think that Hamilton is going to stink it out.

After the beat down tonight in BC, I would think they will bounch back, but BC crapped the bed against the TiCats.

It's the CFL. Impossible to pick it this season, soo many upsets, no shows.

I call Bears, by 7.

I"m game, but I warn you: I was horrible, H O R R I B L E, at the pool this year. I couldn't pick a winner even after the game was already played. :lol:

After tonight's sterling performance by the Lions:

B.C. 1:2 to win it all at home. I wouldn't bet against 'em.
Winnipeg 2:1
Edmonton 3:1
Montréal 4:1
Calgary 9:1
Hamilton 12:1

To win the Grey Cup; American Betting

Lions - 2.15
Blue Bombers - 5.00
Alouettes - 5.75
Eskimos - 7.50
Stampeders - 8.50
Tiger Cats - 25.0

I'll give it a shot...

BC: 2-1
Calgary: 5-1
Winnipeg: 7-1
Edmonton: 8-1
Montreal: 8-1
Hamilton: 20-1

lions 8-5
esk 7-2
mont 7-2
wpg 7-2
cal 9-2
ham 18-1

Don't care about the odds, I predict an Edmonton/Hamilton Grey Cup, which is exactly who I picked at the beginning of the year. (nobody needs to know, I've picked Edmonton/Hamilton 3 years in a row). :cowboy:

I further predict that whoever wins the West semi final will win the Grey Cup. Coming home to Alberta where it belongs.

i think the odds certainly favor the division winners and no doubt a bc winnipeg final would be a good game...


hamilton beats montreal.
calgary beats edmonton

bc beats calgary

winnipeg beats hamilton

winnipeg beats bc.

winnipeg vs bc is the best "storyline". buck pierce returns to bc to face his former team, coach, and a guy who alot of people say reminds them of a young buck in travis lulay. 2 best defences. 2 first place teams.. its just.. how it should be.

i dunno, 1st in west vs 1st in east is certainly better than 3rd in west vs 3rd in east..

i like winnipeg and bc in the finals.. small part of me thinks bc chokes and loses to calgary.. and bombers get their revenge againsnt 1 of the 2 teams they never beat this year in calgary but the CFL fan in me wants... winnipeg vs BC... for just the backstory of the game and both games they played this year were close and exciting.

In playoffs, favorites do win slightly more than underdogs. Most probable grey cup matchup is BC and Winnipeg. Most improbable is Hamilton and Edmonton or Calgary. If every team plays its best, BC should be champion. Best balanced team in defense(#1), offense(#2) and special teams(#1). No major weakness unlike any other team. Hottest team in winning 10- of 11 most recent games. Loss to Hamilton may benefit BC by removing any complacency. Ridiculous to assume BC must choke because Vancouver Canucks lost Stanley cup. Also 2 losses to Winnipeg may be irrelevant because both teams are different now. Unlike previous seasons, last 2 months might be a preview of playoffs. Despite several chances, teams have failed to win "must-win" games except for BC. Without major change, they won't go far.

For those ready to annoint the Lions as Champions, don't forget the Wally factor. In 20 trips to the Western division playoffs, Buono led teams have one just 4 Grey Cups and only once with the Lions.

you keep thinking that...

good luck with your prediction.

B.C. is too strong right now. either Calgary (who are playing well) or Edmonton would have to be extremely hot and have all their issues fixed in order to beat the Lions.

Stamps at this point have the best shot at defeating the Lions.

Bombers may come out of the East but it's gonna be a mauling if they face the Lions.

The best thing for either Alberta team is an overconfident B.C. team. There is huge pressure on the Lions to deliver for the home fans. Look for Lions to choke under that pressure.

Most coaches never win a grey cup. By winning a few, Buono is above average. The key is to have enough opportunities to improve probability of winning one. Compared to BC, eastern teams don't inspire much confidence and look more like pretenders instead of contenders.

Calgary 4-1
Edmonton 6-1
Winnipeg 8-1
Hamilton 10-1
Montreal 12-1
B.C 15-1