Grey cup odds - esks favoured to repeat! '07 Grey Cup Odds:

Edmonton 3-1
Toronto 3.5-1
Calgary 3.5-1
Montreal 4-1
BC 5-1
Hamilton 6.5-1
Saskatchewan 8-1
Winnipeg 15-1

Someone found this and posted it at Just wanted to share it with everyone(bombers fans...).

Well I guess we don't have to watch the season then seeing how you spoiled it for us! :lol:

I don't take sports odds too seriously. But, it's okay to see what the bookies are thinking.

And the Argos' listed as 7-2 with the Stamps?!? You sure the odds makers from Bowman's aren't working in BC or Amsterdam? Cuz you gotta be doing some serious 4:20'ing to think the Stamps are THAT good. :lol:

Thats says its the odds for 2007!
If they dont know what year it is how much can the odds be worth? :wink:

Probably just a typo. Here's the thread where i found it from if anyones interseted.

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The Stamps finished last year on a great roll (had a second-half collapse to prevent them from getting out of Round 1), they’ve kept their team intact (continuity and chemistry helps A LOT) and they have a solid D all around, a good QB, a good RB, and one of the League’s top receiving corps … I think to have them tied for second at 7-2 is pretty fair. BC plummetted last year (plus DD is fragile), Edmonton were a little fortunate to get through the playoffs (now there’s no Maas to get you out of the West Semi and Final) … Saskabush may finally have a QB, but who knows if it will be enough (remember, Joseph never took Ottawa to the playoffs), and who knows about Winnipeg and Hamilton … they’re pretty wild-card right now. Toronto and Montreal will still be good.

They always seem to put the defending champs - or the finalists - as the favourites heading into next year (and I guess they are the team to beat). But I don’t think Edmonton is better than Calgary.

I would have had the Stamps first.

I would have had them first also.

I would have a problem with any predictions that don't put the Ti-Cats on the top.

I think the odds are pretty accurate-- Eskimos are the defending champs so unless they have a poor regular season , they still should be the odds on favourite. If you read the bombers’ fans posts on this forum they should be 2-1 favourites to win. The Ti-Cats should be a bit higher , but otherwise I dont have a problem with any of the odds, with the exception of BC, I would put them at 12-1, because of Dickenson’s fragility.

hard to argue with these odds but Edmonton and Hamilton both seem a little high to me.......

15-1 is pretty generous for the Bombers. haha even i can say that....need kevin glenn to break out before we can be considered for the Grey Cup...even at 15-1 :smiley:

this was posted on an EE site, nuff said on it's accuracy.

Edmonton will NEVER will the GC when the Peg is hosting!!!

I did get this from , but the person who posted it there got it from "", an unbiased sports analyst site. And if the esks can take out Calgary from the west this year, I don't see them having any problem whatsoever with any of the east teams in the gc.

we shall see, could be 1990 allover again.

The same article was in the Vancouver Province Newspaper today. I thought Montreal might have been higher. Hard to argue with the ratings though.

Reason why the Winnipeggers are upset is that some of them have planned the parade route along Portage and Main and won't let reality interfere with imagination! (Sorry Papa, Piggy and Blackdale....this doesnt apply to you guys)

the Winnipeg Free Press had the cats first and the bombers last

......I'd say it looks pretty accurate, the eskimos are the champs and therefore deserve to sit atop the pedestal.....where they have lost some players they have made it up with suitable replacements, except maybe at QB but I think RR would have to be literally hit by a truck to miss a game, the guy is tough.....the rest of the teams fall into place pretty much fairly.....I personally would give Winnipeg higher than 15:1 odds......maybe 12:1......

thanks, RW, that's a bit better, and more accurate.