Grey Cup Nothing But A Joke To Bob Macown

Heard the Bob Macown show tonight(Friday) at 6:30.
The CFL was talked about. Of course after a half hour of baseball talk.

But while the baseball talk was serious, when they turned to the Grey Cup everything became one big

Macown and friends only opinion of the game is it's one big drunk. Nothing about the possible outcome or who would star in the game. Only jokes about the "rouge", and the fact there were two Rough riders at one time. Thats it. The game was totally ridiculed and demeaned.

I don't understand it. This is the biggest non-hockey sport event in Canada. It will attract 4 million viewers. Yet Macown and freinds can only ridicule it?

I always thought Macown was a fan of the CFL. But this moronic effort tonight makes me question if he still belongs on Canadian radio.

maybe he was starting his grey cup weekend early and was already drunk, cuz usualy he has nothing but positives to say about the CFL.

He doesn't talk sports per se. All the others shows do. His thing is to talk about things around sports, such as business, ethics etc.

Also, IIRC, he's on the 2007 Grey Cup committee.

BOB MaCOWAN is yesterday's man.

THE FAN , has become a monkey see , monkey do American sports show copy cat joke!

Denial is an ugly thing.

Maybe he didn't like those 2 STAR articles [posted at first site] that I sent him and 2 others at , The FAN.

What are THE FANS ratings any way? It makes perfect sense to lose some market share by hating the CFL. :wink:

Know one ever accused the THE FAN of being smart.!

Sounds like he was playing up to a certain type of audiance, wich stats show ( AS mentioned on 97.7 fm) -that cndn nfl fans are a minority.CFL RULES FOOTBALL

REAL SMART BUSSINESS on THE FAN's part , isn't it? :wink: :lol: :cowboy:

I agree with you Berezin and that is really disappointing. Bob has been one of the best supporters of the CFL here in Toronto for many years. This week it was almost no coverage at all, with today and yesterday spent on stupid baseball talk about the who cares signing of Thomas with the Jays.
Even yesterday when he was talking to Stephen Brunt who was reporting in from Winning, the entire interview save and except no more then five seconds, was about this stupid signing.
I remember last year he had the two coaches on a Thursday and the coverage was good all week in 05.
I would have though much more would be coming tonight instead of who cares about some College game on Saturday instead of the biggest sporting event in Canada.
Go figure and this from a guy who is part of the Argos GC committee for 07.

No offence to the Argos fans but I wonder if the Argos were playing, would he be singing a different tune?

I don't know Captain Kirk. They talked seriously about baseball for twenty minutes. Not one joke was cracked. It was a very deep discussion.

Then they come to the CFL, and its one big joke fest. I guess they couldn't make fun of the ticket sales or weather forecast of TV ratings, so they rag on things like the rouge and Roughriders and make fun of Canadians in general? And this should make me feel entertained?

LIke, these guys act like they're in some other country laughing at us. But they're supposedly one of us too? I just shakes my head.

the big thing about this frank 'BIG HURT' signing is..

i bet he spends most of next season BIG HURT, missing tons of games, just like AJ Burnett.

the bluejays are a waste of time! ( as is MLB )

Since THE FAN started in TORONTO as a TORONTO station only , I dought it? :wink: :lol: :roll:

Is there anymore evidence that baseball isn't a real sport than the Blue Jays signing this out of shape, fat, injured, 40 year old baseball player to do nothing more than hit for ten million a year?

McClown is a joke. Should u be surprised?

He’s a tool anyways. He has no clue what he’s saying half the time…

Then why a guy who is on the GC committee would belittle the GC is beyond me.

Again , no one has accussed the TORONTO media of being smart. It gives all of us here a bad name. :frowning:

Baseball is nothing but a bunch of pussies. You don't even need to be an athlete to play the game. All you need is a bit of eye-hand coordination and you're good to go.

Even golf requires more athleticism than baseball.

Bummer! :thdn:

They're better than that. Shame on them.

yep, unfortunately I saw the show. McCowan said he would rather watch the Ohio state college game or whatever, than the Grey Cup because he could always watch the Grey Cup next year, so no big deal.

the fan590 isnt much american, they hardly discuss ncaa football, basketball, heisman trophy, mcdonald's high school americans, the ohio state rivalries, the fan lacks decent coverage, they didnt even hype up Bo Schembechler.