Grey Cup Not Sold Out

I am so disappointed in Hamilton fans. Years ago, under another name, I said Bob Young did NOT want the Grey Cup because it would NOT sell out.

I had my ass handed to me by fans saying Hamilton has changed. They said : Hamilton is more successful, Hamilton is richer than they were in the 90's, and Hamilton would sell out EASILY in 2021.

I wish I'd been wrong. 23,000 seats and you do not sell out. Shame on Hamilton.

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I’m disappointed in hockey fans.

450 seats left out of 23000

Take a deep breath


There is FAR more than 450 seats and it was YOU, HP, who said Hamilton would sell out EASILY.


Just look at the ticket site. Way more than 450.

I counted

Please correct me

Make sure you don't count resale tix

That's not the way it works.
If you make an outrageous statement, be prepared to back it up. Verified links, or you're full of hot air.

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I am NOT going to count but it is more than 450.

Again, YOU said Hamilton wasn't the Hamilton of the 1990's and the game would be an easy sell out. Now you have to hope the SRR get in. 23,000 seats should have sold on Day 1. Shame.

All the MTL fans who assumed they’d be in the Cup are desperately trying to dump their tickets.

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It's not hard to count

I was able to do it.

Please correct me

Two weeks to go until the game, and the sky's falling THAT hard in your world?
You make an account THIS EVENING and post this after a playoff win?
Then you attack another member?
Takes stones, man...

516 showing on TM.

using single ticket option (if you select two, there's less).

de-select resale tickets.

We're still in a global pandemic.

We're getting the game again in 2 years.


I am Ticat fan and I will be there but I said, years ago, the game would struggle to sell out and I was told I was wrong. I was NOT wrong.

you are wrong.

simply put.

feel better?

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or maybe you have your own version struggle to sell out?

I am not.

You and I had an argument years ago. I said, in the 90's, the Grey Cup had to sell tickets at Tim Hortons - buy a coffee and get a ticket for $2. I warned the game should be in a city with a wealthier population. You told me things had changed. Apparently they have not.

The game is 2 weeks away.

My gut says Rider or Bomber fans will make it a hot ticket, and if the Cats win next week it's a no brainer.

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